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    Dev Diary #117

    In a post that I started about height of terraforming, Adam mentioned that will be some changes concerning terraforming.
  2. jchob

    Dev Diary #117

    From what I see, that is coming "soon", I believe. Turn based and dice roll might not be much "interesting" in ylands. But the basic role-play could be made. Like spawning encounters with the new monsters, adding more damage to weapons (mage would be harder to handle the effects, but...). For example: D&d castle ravenloft, legend of drizzt, etc.
  3. jchob

    So... Dreams

    Why did I feel a urge will to go buy a PS4. Why do I want that Dreams? You know I'm a shopaholic? Thanks a lot Indomitus ???
  4. jchob

    Dev Diary #117

    I feel somethingike D&D can be made now
  5. jchob

    Suggestion: Teleporters

    Adam say they are working to make maps bigger again in near future
  6. jchob

    SPA_LIFE_V1.5 (Exploracion)

    Oooh good lord... How did you make that? ??
  7. Me and Mello I think have come with that idea using 2 animator like you said but I haven't tried it. If you say it works for now, maybe I I should go back and try it. Also, I think IgorQ already asked to have a way to get all points from the path into an array. It would be cool, because I could access individual points, and for example change the rotation of the object.
  8. Is there a way to change the speed position animator while object is moving through a path? Me and Mello are trying it. I mean, I set up a position animator to move along with a path logic. But at certain point, we need to change the speed it moves. I can't make it work. Is it possible? @Adam Snellgrove
  9. jchob

    Dev Diary #116

    Oh my.. When when? ?
  10. jchob

    Explore Map Size

    Yes, that's the exact same feeling I have. It was fun getting in a small boat without food, without fur clothes and no place to sleep. And it started : you are freezing, you are starving, it's a stormy night.... C'mon land where are you? .. Oh you died ?
  11. jchob

    Explore Map Size

    Yes, you are probably right. Let me tell a vision from a player that is not good at building (me): as we know, at least for the last 1 year and some months I have been playing, exploration maps died to soon. It started from 1 month until it dropped to 2 days. So, when the map size was reduced I thought it would improve the map longevity. But it didn't. There might be reasons for that and we know they are still working in the game... so here I'm waiting, but very disappointed. Let me tell you what was my passion in ylands... (and I'm literally crying as I write this.. Yeah I'm a sensitive person) What I always did on servers (mostly P1) was having a cube to repair what players would have broken and help new players. What I enjoyed most was getting on my awfull ship and telling new people "oh wait, I'll be there in like 10 minutes (and I was only 2 ylands far from them). When I arrived they looked to me and was like - "oooh nice ship. Can you get me to other yland, I need find some stuff. Oh, and can you drop me back here in my home?" And I quickly dropped some benches for they to enjoy the ride or they would ride my ship while I was sat enjoying the view and map ready or we would be lost) - hey jchobs I'm starving, got any food? I forgot to bring some oh noo, stop the ship - I said. Let's get some fishing. It getting dark anyway and we don't want to wreck the ship into the land. I have the beers and the stove is right there to cook our fish"... Yes, back then we would starve to death if we haven't any food. - oh, where are we going? we are sailing for ages. Don't worry, we are not lost. - are you sure? We haven't seen any land. Yes, don't worry I have the map with me, let's keep sailing. Oh, look, we arrived, finally (ship with 4 engines, or a ship with 6 large masts). When in a new yland we would be lost from each other. I needed to pick my lantern and search for them in the scaring night while they were running away from hienas ? Then, we would have to go back while singing and dancing while the ship was moving alone straight forward for ages and chests filled up with all we could. Sometimes, they would drop of off the ship and I quickly got my shotgun to kill the sharks while they were swimming for their life ? "thanks jchobs. Let's split our findings" and I was like - don't worry with me. I just need my ship, my tools and some food, I'm just a nomad that keeps sailing to where someone needs a hand for help, and I keep visiting my friends in other ylands far away. And every next day,s I visited all them sailing for hours and I was thrilled because I enjoyed I could help them moving on. Im not saying I don't like how the game is now, but it took the amusement and the joy I had. Some players like to build, etc, but I loved sailing from here to there sometimes just to go pick some stuff from other ylands for them instead of using the cube power. I'm not leaving ylands because I love it and it has a great potential and everyday I keep an eye on what's going on. Maybe that joy will never return, but that's life. Adapt to it even if we don't like. And that's it. Sorry
  12. jchob

    RESOLVED [YLD-22126] Save game

    That is weird. It should save automatically. @Adam Snellgrove
  13. We really need a reference manual for scripting. Every programming language has it and ylands scripting shouldn't be different. I can't spend all my time trying to mix tiles. I'm not good at VS but I'm also not bad at it.. But sometimes it gets frustrating ? wiki tiles must be updated by BI. I'm running out of house walls... I punch them everytime I place a tile in scripting ??
  14. jchob

    Random Builds

    Horse + kitchen... you evil ??
  15. jchob

    Freecamera in-game

    Well, worlds used to be a LOT bigger
  16. jchob

    1.1.1: Heartfelt Fixes

    hmm, blueprint ghost not visible.. awesome. But still possible to place other blueprint or any other object "on it"? or that "area is occupied"? Maybe I shall make a test on this
  17. jchob

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-22005] Export Error

    Hmm, never seen that error in ylands but in general programming I could maybe help you. For example, maybe you are referencing to a entity storage variable, but storage is empty? It seems the code is trying to use something that doesn't exist..
  18. jchob

    The next big step for Ylands

    I don't get your point. You just can't have a free private dedicated server anymore to host your own world. There are many millions of games that don't support it aswell. But you can have your own server if you pay. Not every game in the world gives you the possibility to have a dedicated server and decide what to do in your own world. You want it, you pay pay for it. Game was in early access, so you knew things could change. I'm not happy with all changes, but I'm also not unhappy. People need to start to look, accept and respect all visions. You can't make all people happy. I have my vision from player, but I also understand their vision as a company. Even bread and water are not for free. Best regards.
  19. jchob

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-21890] Chat censor

    I'm pretty sure there is a list of the common words used, like your example. On the other hand, chat filtering is not hard to make, but the hard part is to manage sentences or words that contain strictions in it's *string * but it's not a "bad word". For example: class would be filtered if there is a striction to *ass* (apologize for the word, it was just to follow the idea). Maybe a better approach to it, would be the game creator, the server owner, player itself, etc, have the option to enable/disable it?
  20. jchob

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-21890] Chat censor

    The filter shouldn't even be activated because it is 2 different words. It may be the string restrictions they have. And I agree on the opt out. If im playing with a close friends I should be able to speak as I want. Filtering is a good thing only for public.
  21. jchob


    Oh, I know what you mean. That is the way ylands rendering system work. We never were able to see a whole ysle from above. You have to move around to be able to see the "rest" of the ylands.
  22. jchob

    Temp Goodbye

    Thanks for helping me getting started with scripting back then. Have fun out there ?
  23. jchob

    Random Builds

    Why I don't have such a talent? That "follow the brush" and "place one block after the other" thingy doesn't work with me ? Looks great
  24. jchob


    Not really a map in editor. But in main menu (top-left) click on it and then click GO To. I hope it is what you asked ?
  25. jchob

    Game not loading

    @Adam Snellgrove it seems the same issue still persist ?