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    BUG: Stuck on Starter Yland / Can't claim raft

    I see, I"m positive that it was possible before since I ventured off on a raft just 2 days ago just fine. I had never crafted a boat but rather a raft to get off starter Yland and then jump straight to Ship. Good to know it's at least intentional and not a bug, albeit the Codex might be updated with the fact that rafts cannot be claimed or used for ocean travel - it makes sense logic wise ofc unless you're in a very desperate situation, but it is something that used to be possible in the last version. I had assumed that boats require Planks to build (which require a saw, which requires metal that is not available on the starter Yland) Looking forward to try the rest of the update this weekend then!
  2. TLDR: v1.8.0.115385 Rafts not automatically claimed when crafted and mounted Rafts cannot be claimed via Q Radial Menu Cannot leave starter Ysland due to above issue Steps to Reproduce: Clear world + character progress Start exploration game Choose 'no tutorial' Craft raft and mount it (observe that it's not automatically claimed) Exit raft and press Q looking at it (observe that there is no claimed raft and no option to claim it) Sail to edge of map Press M -> Region Map (observe that you cannot choose another Yland) Heya, I recently played the game before the update on a fresh start and crafted a raft which was automatically claimed and sailed to another Yland with it. When the 1.8 update dropped yesterday I managed to convince my sceptical friend to try the game with me and we did a fresh start as I did before. However, with the update it seems that rafts are no longer automatically claimed - nor claimable - meaning you cannot leave the Starting Yland. My friend quit pretty shortly after and I didn't explore the rest of Noob Yland but from what I recall there is no metal on that Yland, making crafting a boat or ship impossible - rafts are the only option. Am I missing anything here or is this a bug?