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  1. Yesterday I finished the Large ship blueprint from the blueprint menu, and once it finished the blueprint stand did not go away when the blueprint finished, Now today I can't use the large ship will not let me raise anchor, or even control with on the helm. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. KennyClan01

    More tech tree

    So got bigger islands which is awesome and able to build cars modern day stuff sort of, even buildings like skyscrapers, how about some modern ships even as big as a cruse ship, planes, hot air balloons, and as you get into the modern day buildings car, how about some tractors for better farming, construction vehicles to dig and flatten areas a lot faster and easier, kind of upgrades from shovels, pick axes, and planting by hand. with bigger islands, i'm sure this would be very useful and windmills, for wind power, or waterwheels to use the ocean currents as a power source, and more creative building blocks, like a rotery block so you can use it as a light house with the light spinning around on coast lines in bad storms.
  3. KennyClan01

    Dev Diary #202 New Beginnings

    I had the game for so long that I really got my feet wet into Ylands, but this past week or two I am very glad I did watching Ylands grow with community and progress is a beautiful sight to see on any video game, keep up the great work.
  4. KennyClan01

    Large ship blueprint bugged

    So, I did something I should of thought of when I got it finished, claiming ownership on the ship and unsummoning it and re-summoning. But when I first did that didn't really work... Until I logged off originally for the night, but logged back and wanted to check try again, so by doing that the ship controls and anchor works, only thing still standing is the blueprint stand that was used to make the ship that has not gone away yet.
  5. KennyClan01

    Cannot respawn after dying

    Sounds like they couldn't handle all your awesomeness
  6. KennyClan01

    Zoo Jumbo

    Awesome work, reminds me of Zoo Tycoon, talk about creativity to full maximum power
  7. KennyClan01

    Large ship blueprint bugged

    That's what happened when i finished the ship i was able to control it and everything, just the blueprint stand didn't go away, The very next day is when I wasn't able to use it at all, other then the ladders.
  8. KennyClan01

    Large ship blueprint bugged

    Nope nothing left at all, i can't even right click on the blueprint table