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  1. Valleythatdoesntdie

    Basic Entity Tool Shapes Suggestion

    The script you created is better but some players and Me can't make an dome. So I want to see a tool that adds a dome of given materials, size in the entity basic tool . It will be possible also. I respect your contribution well making Building efficient is more better than rotating blocks and move to east and west while it takes a lot of time. So in one buttion a dome will be generated by the tool made by Ylands Team. In the Future ylands will be the Next Gen Game engine that will allow game creation with tools that will not waste your time. Well this shape must be added if they had added circle so Dome must be added.
  2. Valleythatdoesntdie


    Welcome to my first Sucessful game. It is a game consisting 7 islands connected with ports and maps. Primary Release Created a Wall front of the city. Added a town Helfred. A port Note: Primary Releases will not have any of the Saving system well the Full release might have a saving system. Thank you for playing THE GAME. At the National Parliament of Helinton. Sun Down Photo taken by Me.
  3. Valleythatdoesntdie

    SPA_Yland (ver. ALFA)

    Yes sir.
  4. Valleythatdoesntdie

    SPA_Yland (ver. ALFA)

    I can't find this map. I am curious to visit that map.
  5. Valleythatdoesntdie

    SPA_Yland (ver. ALFA)

    When I could play this game.
  6. Valleythatdoesntdie

    Basic Entity Tool Shapes Suggestion

    Hi! I am Coalition23. Well, this is my editoral suggestion that I have notice yesterday in the basic shape tool in entity coloumn is that I want to see a new shape: Sphere or Dome like thing. It is a good and obvious better idea to add small and huge domes. And well it will be exciting add domes in our buildings and it will be useful as a Igloo. I know also that there is a way to build dome but it is hard for some players with Laptops. By adding a dome shape into the basic entity tool column would be the most efficient way of making entity into dome. Well I would I like to see this shape in 1.9 hopefully.