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    Add Basic Scalable Shapes

    Sounds good, i think it would be an improvement!
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    More boat content + other stuff

    I support all your ideas.
  4. Hi. i've been having fun in adventure mode, and i had an idea: create a special kind of boat, with a frontal ramp, to load and unload a vehicle. Why? Because i think it would be nice to go to new islands, unload an all terrain vehicle and explore in it. I made the boat all right, but the problems started quick. As far as i can understand it, the vehicle's wheels move in relation to it's coordinates in the map, meaning that, if the vehicle is in my boat and the boat moves around.. you guessed it, the vehicle hits the boat all over the place, plus when i move forward, the vehicle's wheels rotate as if the vehicle was being pushed on land, at one point i could even see skidmarks, on the water! being created under the boat as it moved along. So, i realize that this is not intended use, the vehicles were not tought of to be used in this way, but still, looks like a bug, even though i know i's not really. Now this is my request: Make the vehicles able to be locked/strapped on/unable to move/physics bound, when in a ship, and also, when you travel to another world or whatever, the vehicle should travel too and not disappear as it did the last time i tried to take a vehicle with me. 😅