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  1. Agentwolf88

    Dev Diary #65

    Will there be an real offline mode?
  2. Agentwolf88

    Slowly walk with gamepad?

    Hi! How can i walk slowly with gamepad? Can i use the analog stick to walk slowly?
  3. Agentwolf88


    Thanks for answer!
  4. Agentwolf88

    DEV ANSWER Steam Workshop/Mod support?

    Nice. I can create new doors, tables, fences or deco like pictures and flowers?
  5. Agentwolf88


    Would be nice to see electricity in the game. Its wound be nice when we can use lights with switches or electrical furnace to craft food. What are you thinking about that?
  6. Agentwolf88

    DEV ANSWER Steam Workshop/Mod support?

    Will there be real custom stuff like items or furniture with the mod support? Or will there be only ingame buildings to share?
  7. Agentwolf88

    Performence with 980 TI?

    How is the performence with a 980TI? I must play at med to get 60 FPS. At high or ultra it is not good to play.
  8. Agentwolf88

    Translation - How to check my texts in the game

    I can not found it on Crowdin. What can i do?
  9. Agentwolf88

    Translation of Ylands

    I am german and i can try it to translate this in my language. The game is very nice!!