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  1. snicker666

    Map Size in explorer mod

    So there are only a set number of islands?
  2. I have a simular problem. The game seems to be slower and more and more stuttering the longer you play. And after several hours of play it crashes with 'ylands.exe stoped working' May be some sort of memory leak or something. It happens even if I stay in the same place. But since every object in the game never despawns it must be like thousands of objects to animate after a while. The woods looks like a mess after a while since I only need logs. The tree trunks also disaperas when you get close to them. (reported in another post) output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  3. snicker666

    RESOLVED [YLD-7946] Tree Stump not Rendering

    Same here. Very annoying! And you know it is there, because you can walk on the invisible stump. And it will look like you fly above ground. And you can smash it with the axe, and then you will fall down. It becomes really messy after a while harvesting and sowing the trees again.
  4. Jupp, same here. Seems like firstperson view is not a smart thing to do on the ship.
  5. snicker666

    CANT REPRODUCE [YLD-7941] Stutter-y game

    I have the same issue. I have GTX1080 It is fine at the beginning, but becomes more and more stuttering after playing. After a few hours it must be restartet. If I keep playing. It finaly crashes the game with "ylands stoped working' DxDiag.txt output_log.txt