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  1. I have noticed that I have all the materials need to craft something but it recipe is not showing in the crafting menu. For example I have a wooden needle and some yarn but I cannot create a sewing kit, and another example I have a pencil and a blank piece of paper yet I cannot create a map. I knew what was needed for those items as I check via the wiki, I assume this is a bug.
  2. Returning to the game an hour or two after I was on it last and I loaded into my game but a lot of my progress was lost, so I returned to the main menu and I deleted my game save as I was a bit mad about losing 2 hours of progress but when I deleted the save another save replaced it but this save was 3 minutes after the save I just deleted, I then continued to delete my saves and each time the time was increasing by 3 which means my save is there somewhere but my game is not loading my latest save.