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    Back =)

    Hey, welcome back @YadNiMonde ,@Aleš Ulm, and everyone! Long time no see, hope you guys alright. ?
  2. @estebandb7 not sure it will helps, I just did simple google search and found a solution in other's game forum. set the Steam Start Properties to -force-opengl credit to XLoopsterX
  3. I've been playing around a bit on Rotation Animator and I want to use smoothing feature on rotation animated object but dont want the object to slowing down near the end of angle. Anyone know how to do that? Because if I set the smooth into 1 and 360 angle, basically the object will accelerate with set speed/time toward 360 angle and slowing down near the end. It's not a big problem, my OCD just want things to not move/rotate suddenly.. ? Thank you for any suggestions!
  4. V-Alfred

    Question about smoothing rotation

    Ah switching half the way, hopefully the objects won't stutter(restart the rotation from the beginning). Will try that, thanks.
  5. V-Alfred

    0.13: Fine Friendships (20/06/2019)

    Awesome! Finally I can add animations on bunch of objects at once! It will open so many awesome creations.. So many QoL updates, I think it's time to play Ylands again.. ? Thanks and keep up the awesome work as always!
  6. I think I experience the same issue before, I post it somewhere long time ago. It was happen in Official Server, only terrain shows up nothing else, not even a stone. If I remember correctly the only difference is that it was back to normal after relog but I feel really laggy after a while (5 minutes or so) exploring that island and eventually it backs to 'empty' island. And that server is wiped clean the next day. Possibly corrupt world.
  7. V-Alfred

    Dev Diary #75

    next update is called "The Friendzone".. ? lol anyway, how about global and local/yland chat channel?
  8. V-Alfred

    0.12 Update first impressions

    I've a chance to play for about 30 minutes, so far pretty good I would say. Overall, the game runs smoothly, loading massive structure is improved, Character 3rd camera on tight space is pretty good. I like that you add weight to the ship and bouncy logs on side of the hull, that reminds me to the stabilizer on my Old Dreadnought. ? There are only some minor adjustment needed I think, like: Camera, I'm not sure if I like the new camera system that centered to the vehicles (ship/car) instead of the character. (when sailing) The problem is when you zoom in the camera doesn't feel right.. especially when you're sailing with massive ship ? when you zoom out though, it's perfecto! Object interaction when there are plenty of objects around, I'm not sure what you call this. let me explain. Since the crosshairs is gone, it's hard when you trying to pick up something small near another objects, I feel like I'm pointing my camera to that object but the system pointer don't want to move to the object I want to interact (pick up). Editor Explore Map Generator, lack of setting when you generating map. Maybe in the future you guys will implement this setting. And small bug, the price of Coyns. The currency displayed correctly (IDR is the currency of my country) but the amount is wrong, sadly the steam payment is still correct.. ? I will add more later if I have chance to play again. ? ps. I'm trying the "spoiler" feature, I hope it can reduce or atleast hide the pictures so we don't need to scroll too much..
  9. V-Alfred


    It's marble veins or all Editor items into the game/explore mode (?) @Ane. Speaking about PB, since people can freely going inside someone's PB, they can also logout in it which is pretty annoying and sometimes creepy ?, especially in populated/public servers. Would be nice if people who doesn't own that PB moved to outside of barrier when they're logged out. #Edit I had to stalking Chief's profile to look what he meant.. ?
  10. Here is another story from my early playthrough after Cheerful Characters update in official MP server. First of all, I don't know how it happen, 1 thing that I'm sure, my internet connection is not stable, it often have lots of RTO after 30-40 minutes. (My ISP have problem, I think) So I've been building my base at the middle of seas. Just like usual, placing blocks by blocks, fishing, eating(bug for eat non-edible stuff still there, if you scroll at the middle of eating animation), creating stuff. While doing those, I got "Connection Time Out" which ofcourse kick me from the server. Then after my internet running fine again, I'm continue playing in that server. At that moment, I realized, my heart(Health point) is yellow just like when you equip "the mighty cube" but without cube logo beside it. Then I decide to go to the cave in nearby island to test it out. I'm indeed become immortal! @&!(@&$^!! I said.. God give me such a mighty power! or it's a curse.. I don't need to eat, I can breath underwater without the mask, my health never goes down(didn't try to falling damage yet). For me it's kinda fun to become immortal, but I'm afraid if someone who can't handle the responsibility get this mighty power, that's why I'm reporting this. I swear to all Ylands Gods that exist , I won't become griefer by using this power. If you want to do something, please don't reset my character in the server, because I don't like not being able to access my own stuff. I lock all of my chest, doors, boats, ship, and placed the PB. I'm afraid if you reset my character, I don't have all my old keys, and I will lost my access to my PB.. Hope you can do something for it. Thanks. For some reason, my Ylands game doesn't update/generate the output_logs. I deleted my old output_logs long time ago. So I don't have the logs now.. Here is the gif for proof, sorry my machine doesn't strong enough to record video while playing game:
  11. V-Alfred

    Map lost after death or kick

    Since I haven't yet own a server, I never experience this kind of problem. But would be nice if you can upload the save file and log file here (if it still the same when that happened), so atleast the Devs can troubleshoot whats going on systematically. Oh yeah speaking about the Devs, they're most likely not active in the forum at weekend, so please wait until Monday. ?
  12. V-Alfred

    The developers: you must listen to the players

    I think they are working on the core elements right now(like terrain generator, building mechanic, UI, path-finding, and animation improvement, and a lot more, ofcourse also fixing bugs). Explorer mode is just the surface. While they're working on the core, the explorer mode will be improved with it. @Tem Deker according to your points: 1. Physic, adjusting this thing needs time, because it involved on many aspect/object of the game, also Ylands physic doesn't cover all objects because if all of them are covered, the game performance will be much heavier than right now. Land-animal under water can be caused by many things like from path-finding, spawn system, etc. 2. Natural aspect. They are working on it already, as you can see from weekly sneaky #1. 3. Element of Danger. They are also still working on it, as you can see from weekly sneaky #6. 4. Functional objects, yeah they need to add more functional objects to make deeper complexity, but not for unnecessary objects like spoon.. ? 5. Vehicle, yeah that would be great, but it doesn't feel right if the core itself is still bugged. I know that it seems like they're focus on "Creator aspects" right now, maybe because that aspect is more closer to the core. I mean, Explorer mode and other modes can't be made without creator anyways.. ?
  13. Any news regarding this bug? I just encounter this bug, it's like the mouse doesn't do anything except just moving the cursor. #Edit: the keyboard function is fine, thank God I can save it using shortcut, and restart the game did fix the issue.
  14. I see, that works too, awesome. Btw speaking about painting, what button to save current color to palette? I did right click the color block on palette but it doesn't save my current color, instead it change to white or blank color. lol. If I remember correctly it's right click to save the color, and left click to pick the color from palette. @HoupThanks again for your assistant man!
  15. I have been playing around with editor again for couple days. Looking at my structures and I want to repaint it but to repaint it, I need to apply the color on each block which is "too much to do". I'm speaking about hundreds to thousand of objects (blocks, etc). Would be really nice if we can repaint grouped objects to single color with 1 click. So we can repaint those objects with ease and fast. That's it, if you guys have something in mind related to repaint or painting in general, feel free to post below. Thanks and keep the awesome works Devs!
  16. that certainly do the trick, @Houp thank you so much! All I need to do is break the group/select the objects > open the properties, choose color, ok, wait a minute or so (depends on machine/how much object selected), Boom! walla all selected objects change color. Again thanks! "You see that little guy on the dome? He is smiling at you! ?"
  17. V-Alfred

    ship stuff by zarwil

    Ah gotcha, yeah you're right. Making frame first is useful to guide or check the overall shape/design.
  18. V-Alfred

    ship stuff by zarwil

    Nice Frigate! I like that you do with realistic approach, I mean begin with frame then "the skin". Is the frame visible from inside the ship?
  19. V-Alfred

    Weekly sneaky WiP #6

    Ahemmh, need more clue here.. New block? I don't think so, or is it? Maybe it's "generator" setting.. I don't know..
  20. V-Alfred

    Entity Template for Logic

    That will certainly help the process of creating MeGic. For now I always save the basic MeGics in composition if I will often use that. Like creating my own templates with composition. *MeGic = gaMe loGic
  21. Hmmh, if I remember correctly my character was standstill in protective barrier, and when I'm connecting to the server, my network isn't stable (checked cmd ping on windows, got couple RTO while downloading server data).
  22. V-Alfred

    Q&A (Winter 2018 edition)

    Since I'm still sculpting a map, there are some things that bother me. So here we go : Is there estimated time of when the water update will come? Do you guys have plan to add possibility to smooth/flatten the vertical - ceiling part of the terrain? Can we have smaller and bigger (more than 10 would be really nice, current max is 5) radius? the bigger radius means the less time consuming to sculpt something huge (island, landmark, etc). Do you guys have plan to add "Strength slide bar" on terrain sculpt menu? So that we don't need to hold click to increase it's strength, and most importantly to avoid mistakes and ease of use. *Edit* It doesn't mean that the current "Strength sculpt system" isn't good, just would be very nice if we have both like auto/manual button or something. That's it for now I think.. As always, thanks for spending your time to listen/answer to our feedback and suggestion.
  23. oh my oh my, finally someone made something that I like to make for long time.. @Mr Uncle welldone dude, thats beautiful ship! Hmmh.. Beware the mighty Me.Gic!
  24. V-Alfred

    Velocifer's Workshop

    ~ WELCOME TO VELOCIFER's WORKSHOP COLLECTIONS ~ This thread is dedicated for my workshop collections, it will contain all of creations that created by me. This thread will continuously updated until I'm not able to type a word or make new creation. This thread main function is to make easier for me to update and post new stuff, also easier for you to find my creations. Make sure to follow this thread so you will be notified when new update/post comes out. So far here is the list of creations I have been created in the past and some already uploaded to the workshop: (Click the name to go to the post of each creation) (SHIP)(Released) Old Dreadnought - Clipper (SHIP)(Released) Dreadnought 2.0 - Clipper (Car/&Trailer)(Released) Ranger's Trailer (SHIP)(Released) Acquilla - Empty Man of War (SHIP)(Released) Acquilla - Furnished Man of War (MAP/SCENARIO) Yggdrasil - Work in Progress (BUILDING) Elven Style Windmill (BUILDING)(Released) Traditional Japanese House - Game Logics Experiment (Car/&Trailer)(Released) Mercy - 1930 Mercedes Benz SSK Since we can't fully control our own thread(Delete, rearrange posts, etc) in this forum, here is my first creation in Ylands: Old Dreadnought Dreadnought is clipper ship designed for fast and agile movement. The ship has 7 masts in total, it is also equipped with cool stabilizer on the side. Because of it's speed, the ship need stabilizer on the side to maintain the agility so Dreadnought could turn sharply while still moving fast. Dreadnought is very suitable for brave adventurer and rich merchant since it provide plenty of storage for your stuff. You can pre-order now to get Dreadnought as soon as possible at your beach! and then sail to the seven seas with this beautiful beast. Call 911-911-911 for more information to get this ship. Ok enough marketing , now lets talk about the design itself. Dreadnought exterior design is done at current state (I think). For the interior I just put necessary furnitures and still have some spot for stuff. So you can put like alchemy table or something. Here is some pictures of Dreadnought (click reveal): lol.. oh well check Ylands workshop, you can download the composition of Dreadnought - Clipper so you can sail to the Seven Sea with it! I will appreciate feedback. Have fun
  25. V-Alfred

    Velocifer's Workshop

    Hehehe, thank you very much! I would love to! You too, keep it up