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  1. @bojo2736 Thank you!
  2. Is there a way to export the game running on my purchased server back out of the server so that i can open it in editor? If not, is there a way I can give myself items in the server. Thanks
  3. How do you make your ship sails different colors?
  4. Nuke92

    How to: the Extended Editor

    How do I exit character mode in the editor?
  5. Nuke92


    My friend and I have scoured 3 desert islands completely for saltpeter and have yet to find any.. Can someone advise what we're doing wrong?
  6. Nuke92

    Faster Sailing.

    Thanks, Guys.
  7. Nuke92

    Faster Sailing.

    Does anyone know how to sail faster in the ship? We have a large mast and sail and and regular mast and sail.. We don't seem to be going very fast. Also, We have a wind direction indicator, But it seems to be in a static position, can anyone advise how to use it?
  8. Hello,This has happened to my friend and I twice now, We've lost two islands that have 5+ hours of work on them each. My friend hosts the server off his PC. I will be playing and get stuck somewhere, and as so as I do, he is unable to place things or do anything interactive with the server until I log. Once I log, the server goes back to working, but as soon as I try to join back, it bugs the server again and I get stuck at 100% (Recalling Buildings) and never get logged into the server. Once I disconnect, server goes back to normal. I've included my logs as well as the server hosts logs. PLEASE HELP! My Ylands logs.rar Echo's Ylands logs.rar