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  1. After the 12-9-17 update to version 0.6.42044, my game now crashes during a rain storm. I had a different save file originally, and i had happen to stop playing for the day when it was raining. I was inside a cabin. The patch was the next day, and when logged in, and opened the cabin door to leave, the game would freeze, then crash in about 5-10 seconds. I tried a range of graphics settings, and assured that my drivers were up to date. I started a new game, thinking it was a save corruption from the update. All was well on the new save file, until it started to rain while i was outside. It crashed, and the game had autosaved about 5 seconds before it started raining. I am pretty certain that its not a hardware issue on my end. I have an identical model card that I can test with, and can update if that affects the issue. Attached are the error.log and output_log.txt file from the latest crash folder, as well as a dxdiag.txt file from the system error.log output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  2. The issue persists in 0.6.42165. Also, as an update to the info in my original, the issue continues with a different piece of hardware installed. I cannot seem to pass the captcha when I edit a post, so I resorted to replying.