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  1. incaptus3


    Hi! We are a little group of people from Chile, who playing the game think about some freatures to add in the game . We really love your game, and we are playing since the Steam release. We want see Ylands more mature and bigger!!! So, we get started!! Gameplay: - Keep pressed the pick up button to take continuously the object in the floor. Then we can take material more quickly. - The possibility to crouch. It can expand the possibilities at the time to build a house. - Reload automatically ship cannons with the last ammo pressing "R". - Maybe a sprint and walk button. - The possibility to tame some farm animals and reproducing them. This can open the livestock and agriculture to new levels. - Make electricity a bit more easier to reach. - In the oven, foundry, etc, the possibility to out to cook 12 objects in one click, not going click by click to make 12 objects of the same type. Ylands: - Put some birds flying between Ylands. I really like the new way to find the Ylands, but the seagulls give some life to the travel. - Maybe take a look to the ores places. A few in the surface for a quickly survive, and the big bounty in the caves. - Add little and hard to find Ylands can add some fun (like secret Ylands can only be find by exploration). Can be a little boss there or a pirate base. Also can get again some relevance to the ships. Building: - The option to place objetc in the "V" mode and cannot be taken by mistake, like a decorate mode. Maybe a way to take them by a long press on the rigth mouse button. - Disamble mode with hammer in hand, in first person view, with a long press in the right click mouse. In that way is too much easy take object in a wrong place. Objects: - Spyglass. Multiplayer : - Possibility to administrate barrier. For example: add player, give permissions, do a clan or a sharing space, etc Thanks for the great game you made We take hours of fun playing it!! P.D: Sorry for the english, is not our native languaje!
  2. Sería interesante saber cuantos habemos que hablen español, podriamos ayudar al proyecto contribuyendo con alguna traduccion de la wiki ¿Existiria la posibilidad de realizar esto?
  3. incaptus3

    A guide for english and german people !Updated!

    No plans to translate to Spanish? if you want maybe i can help you
  4. incaptus3

    ¿Host a Lan server?

    UPDATE: Today i play with my friends in my house. Because we think what a lan server was impossible, we ust open a normal server in a pc. After that the internet connection has been lost (i live in a countryside, so the internet go and way any time, not a stable conecction), so the server never shoot down, so with that we find wath the LAN server works with out a special mention to it. Tanks to all for the answers. Good travels ylanders.
  5. Hola, para conectar a la workshop tienes que abrir nueva partida y hacer click en el mensaje que sale en la esquina inferior derecha, dice algo como "más juegos" o "obtener mapas". Si eso no resulta puedes ser algún problema de compatibilidad con el navegador, ya que para suscribir los mapas tienes se abre una ventana en el navegador. El dinero gratis debería salir cuando entras a la tienda de micropagos, si no, sería lo mejor que mandes un mensaje directamente a bohemia. Saludos ylandero. P.D: curioso encontrar a alguien que hable español entre tanto angloparlantes jajaa
  6. incaptus3

    What are your PC Specs? \o/

    Core i3 3217U (mobile) Gt 820m (like a desktop gtx450) 6gb of ram And 500 HD Can run in mid-high settings, but i still preffer performance, so everyting is in low like 45-60 fps, littles down when the world is rendering.
  7. Will be fun the possibity to create two wheels vehicles like bikes and motorclyces. This will be usseful to make racing minigames in the editor like off road bikes race and others. Another suggest. Add Lan party support please, is usseful for people what play together in the same building.
  8. incaptus3

    ¿Host a Lan server?

    I mean play with a multiple machines in the same network conection, like the old games in a cybercoffe. If is possible to open a Lan party. This is because my inthernet is unnestable, so play in a server take a lot of problems, because that is why a prefer to play in lan with my friends, in the same house of course.
  9. incaptus3

    ¿Host a Lan server?

    Hi everyone I want to ask if is possible host a LAN server. A friend will come tomorrow to my house and we want to play together If you can share a guide or a metod please. Before ask i look in the search but cant find anyting
  10. incaptus3

    RESOLVED Black screen isssue

    I have the same problem. I change the scale down and fix thanks for the solution.