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    Airship parts

    Two parts: Propellers for the engines already in the game A mast with a big ecliptic balloon to provide lift which attaches to the two ship hulls much like the regular masts. Perhabs fueled like the steam engines before its able to fly and with a high consumption to balance the advantage of being able to fly between islands. That way we can lose our ships in an even more spectacular fashion ? I have no idea how hard it would be to implement, but it would fit nicely with the propelled backpack. Granted it's more nice to have than need to have since the difference from the normal ships is more or less only the altitude.. But cool nonetheless ?
  2. KayBee

    Airship parts

    I mostly play exploration, but i guess mp ship battles would be pretty epic.. Having a height advantage over normal ship but with the disadvantage of having a big soft target overhead which when hit will send the ship crashing towards the ground...
  3. KayBee

    Translation of Ylands

    Hi I would like to to help Hallie translate the game to danish. Danish is my native language
  4. Gamemode: singleplayer, exploration. The ship was all ready fitted with some containers and other free placed blocks, as well as some on grid, when I loaded my save file. So then I placed all sorts of things on my ship. Wooden boxes (on grid), sacks (free placed), barrels (free placed) and some decorations (bear trophy, some books and candles, a seashell jar (with inventory) and a pigment jar (empty). I then sailed around a bit enjoying this glorious game before I quit and went to bed. When I logged in today the ship was reverted to a previous state. Basically what I think happened is that everything but the composition (the ship grid) was saved. So the map was updated with the latest discoveries, my inventory was as i left it.. The ship was even parked where i left it, but all the stuff I had added to the ship was gone... Most of it was containers... containing everything I had grinded for the last couple of days ?? Can't wait to do it again though! Love this game! I am guessing you removed the possibility of editing an exploration game file with the editor to avoid dealing with corrupted saves due to "spectacular editing".. It would have been handy to recover my losses though.. ? Keep up the good work. Thanks for making a great game!
  5. KayBee

    Containers disappeared from ship

    Well I still can't figure out how to edit an exploration game with the editor.. When I open the savegame with the editor it makes a new "editor" save which I can't figure out how to load as an exploration game afterwards.. I'm probably doing something wrong ? The good news is that when I opened the savegame to move my ship back to the spawn island (the editor opens at my spawn island) all the stuff was back on the ship.. So perhaps the problem was not that the game didn't save the ship, rather it didn't load it last time i opened the savegame. If I experience the problem again, I'll let you know and attach the log files. I forgot to attach them when I made the post.. Thank you for the quick reply and thanks again for making this great game! It has already brought me many hours of fun. I can't wait to see what future updates may bring to the game. Marry Christmas to all of you