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  1. Maxime Gaillard

    Map in singleplayer does not update

    I had the same issue when traveling through certain islands repetively : some parts are shown, some won't, even when coming back many times. (single player, map in the hotbar and writing tool in inventory)
  2. Maxime Gaillard


    Islands are about half an ingame day apart from each other, so you can go back. Have you sailed for a complete tour around your island to search birds (high in the sky) ? Have you crafted a map ? Be aware that the island you spawn in is not necessary at the center of the others. It can be at one end, so all the other islands are more or less in only one direction.
  3. Maxime Gaillard

    Need help

    Not all the birds fly to and from the Island where you spawned. You must look for birds around every new island you find. that's like treasure hunt from a discover to another one and so on.
  4. Maxime Gaillard


    Hi, You don't do anything wrong, Anne Marie. This is the way this game is entended to work - and many others too. It is called "permanent death". You may ask the devs to add an option that disable this feature, but it would remove spice from the game. Life matters and you have to be carefull.
  5. Maxime Gaillard

    Backpacks, tool belts and packhorses

    I fully agree with the Monty Python's Cargo Pack - but beware of the killer rabbit of Caerbannog !
  6. Maxime Gaillard

    Creative Mode Question

    for that, you have to click first on "advanced"
  7. Maxime Gaillard

    Extended inventory exploit

    Hi, I honestly have to report an exploit that allows to extend the inventory further more that its actual size. Here is how to proceed to reproduce the "bug" : 1) create any inventory container (best, a keyholder) 2) open any any chest (best, a stone chest) 3) put some items from you inventory to the chest 4) open the container you just created in your inventory 5) drag and drop the items from the chest to your open inventory container (every type of item fits), then close it. You inventory is now neat. That's done. You can access to the items at any time an get them directly from the container even put them to the right quick slot if it is a tool Note that: - The number of item you may put in the container is equal to the number of slots of the chest you use for the transfer - You can use as many inventory containers as you want for this trick - If you use keyholders, you shall keep all their content at respawn. A bit more work for the developper since the next update !
  8. Maxime Gaillard

    using the map

    There is three things I would like about the map : - have a key assign to it, like "M", so it could be possible to open it without quiting the 'ship control' mode. - Zoom out enough to see the entire group of islands at on glance. - write indications on the map (just icons or a simple cross) when having a pencil or chalk.
  9. Maxime Gaillard

    RESOLVED Loosing warhammer

    Bonjour Ane, Could the warhammer not be considered by the game as "any hammer" and used out when crafting a repair kit or so. I lost mine two times before I guessed what happened.
  10. Maxime Gaillard

    KNOWN ISSUE Pointers gone wild

    Hi, Let me tell you something that happened yesterday, as my ship was enchored near an island I just ended up exploring. I was jumping on the ship deck, trying to attach a lantern on the mast, when suddently I found myself high above the word -without drinking any potion. Time to realize "look, I'm flying !", I was falling down, scratching on my ship, and stupidly diying. Hopfully, my character spawned back in the same island, and I began to run for my life toward the ship. I had just reached the ladder, nearly dead from frost, I held it in my hands and... suddently I was at the top of another ladder, one of a cabin at the deep end of the island -and once more diying, freezed to ice. One more time respawning, running for my life as I was naked, hunted by wild grey wolves, reached a hunting cabin, holded the ladder to go up safe, and ... finding myself suddently onboard of my ship. Time to say "flee", I raise the anchor and sail home. Once in the middle the sea, my ship collides a floating wreck. Guess what ? a computer ! I finaly reached home, with a computer in my bag, turned off my -real- computer, and go to bed for real. That's what we can call a fantastic-randomly-generated-adventure! God save the bugs ! - and the developpers that set respawning on the same island... PS : Unhappily, I have no log for that session and everithing was back to normal this morning, so you may consider this just for the record and use it as another context for the common issue "Ladders teleporting players to odd places". output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt