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    Bigger Glass Windows

    Hey, its just a small suggestion, can we get bigger glass windows like 2*2, 3*2, etc because when we make a bigger windows for our houses filling those windows with 1*1 glass windows doesnt look good all the time. thanks
  2. Deep20


    When you get close to wolves they don't start attacking right away, they make some noise (like grrrrr) giving you a warning that don't come near us; try to listen to it so that you don't get close to them and they start attacking you. You can go around them and can collect your item's.
  3. sir/mam, i have been playing this game for almost about 20 hours now and i haven't build any stuff in the game just explored around the map still i am noticing a considerable amount of lag in every 5-10 minutes and even at the medium quality setting i am getting the frame rate around 30fps. Then i have tried to play multiplayer but it gets stuck at the loading screen only even after showing 100% on the loading screen, and it worked only 1 time in the local region and when i tried to connect to other regions it didn't worked. please look into the lag and frame rate issue.