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  1. Black Marx

    Dedicated Server

    Anyone to host a game? I checked the server monitor and made my own server, my computer can handle it (huh I guess), but my Uploading Speed is miserable (I don't have the optical fiber).
  2. @LudicrousReaper if you find your Ylands folder in your computer, you have to do that: Ylands --> Game --> ServerMonitor that's it
  3. Black Marx

    0.21: Dangerous Depths (10/02/2017)

    Awwwww Yeah Baby! Thanks yo Ylands Team
  4. Black Marx

    Sneak Peek #22

    It's time to release 0.23 D:
  5. Black Marx

    Sneak Peek #21

    Give them the finger, they will take the arm
  6. Black Marx

    Sneak Peek #20

  7. Black Marx

    Sneak Peek #20

    So, we will able to play Explore Mode Multiplayer?
  8. Black Marx

    Join Friend

    Salut Kévin, Si tu joues en mode "Explore", tu ne peux pas rejoindre ton ami. Car le Multiplayer n'est pas encore optimisé pour le mode Explore, en revanche, il est possible de jouer avec tes amis en mode Scénario ou sur une grande île que tu peux générer aléatoirement. Cordialement Issou!
  9. Black Marx

    My floating ship

    With a balloon, the ship will be like "Guns of Icarus"
  10. Black Marx

    My first creations

    Excellent, l'étal et la chaumière
  11. Non, je suis à l'aise avec l'anglais écrit/lu/écouté, mais je traduis pour ceux qui le sont moins. Il faudrait aussi revoir mes traductions pour apporter le petit grain de sel, ainsi qu'une correction si il y a lieu.
  12. Du coup tu as eu accès aux traductions?
  13. Enfin un français supplémentaire qui pourra m'aider dans la traduction!
  14. Black Marx

    I built a small Destroyer...

    HMS Dreadnought, 1905, Colorized
  15. Black Marx

    0.19: Boats & Buccaneers (06/12/2016)

    Next Milestone, LAN for Explore Mode
  16. Black Marx

    0.19: Boats & Buccaneers (06/12/2016)

    Good Job, guys
  17. Black Marx

    Sneak Peek #15

    WTF are those... Is that the dev team who built those boats? ROFL They can't be serious
  18. Black Marx

    Sneak Peek #15

    Destroyer? Destroyer begun with the steam age, not the sail age x)
  19. Black Marx

    Sneak Peek #15

    What kind of ships will we able to build in the Boats & Buccaneers update? I mean there will be only a model of boat or there will be Caravel, Frigate, Schooner, Cutter... etc. ?
  20. Black Marx

    Sneak Peek #15

    LAN for Explore Scenario è_é
  21. Black Marx

    Gunsmithing Tools

    How can we use the Gunsmithing Tools?
  22. Black Marx

    Gunsmithing Tools

    Thank you very much, I explored a bit, and found the sulfur.
  23. Black Marx

    Gunsmithing Tools

    I crafted a Musket with the foundry but I have no idea how I can make the bullets
  24. Black Marx

    Translation of Ylands

    Hello I would like to help you guys, for the french translation.