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  1. Yes its in the patch notes read those for instructions
  2. Just saw in the update they have the dedicated server software working again with steam so ill try and give it a go
  3. The ships can be an issue, all land building seems fine. we do get a few strange bugs, one i have right now is that i starve to death when i log out but the others dont so unsure why that is. we managed a good stretch with the ships working well so got most of the main one built during that time find it best to reboot the main host a few times a day too to clear the memory but as the host is dead and at spawn spot it seems to run quite well hope they hurry with the dedi server software i think its the most important thing they can put out there to keep the initial interest of the game high
  4. Apparently the dedicated server software isn't working since steam release. We got past this by setting up a new steam account, buying another copy of the game and running it on a spare PC. we use this account to host the game and leave it running 24/7. The host character dies from starvation but this doesn't matter as its just for hosting the game. This way anyone can log in whenever they want. Not the best solution but it works for now
  5. Hi, due to no dedicated server we bought another copy and host on my second PC with a new steam account so the game is always open. The host will always starve and die but this is ok as its just for hosting the game. The issue is that my character when i log out on my playing account will still be dead each time i come back from starvation. My brothers character remains alive and ok as does our friends character. I am using the same network but a different pc and different account to the hosted game so this shouldnt happen# any ideas? thanks