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  1. Hi, you can connect to ships and cars. On ships it doesn't matter if it touches the deck like sails so it's pretty easy to get any design working! They also work as generators so you can link them win an energy linker to lights but beware, it means refuelling more often if you do! I find that the small ylandium generator gives more than enough for all of my energy needs and never runs dry so it's a better option mostly
  2. Matthew Johns

    Winged Hussar Armor

    Once we get a devkit for unity it is going to be ON hehe I have so many ideas and a good grasp on unity animations for that matter hehe jet packs will be a must!
  3. Hi, I completely explored my first map and was a bit loathed to start from scratch, thankfully I had made a crude floating base. I created a new game and loaded my old boat into it (saved as a composition in the editor from the old game and all containers got emptied in the process) and went off to merrily continue my explorations! I'm on the third map now, my boat is starting to look serious with YLandium engines and a large enough hull to have empty space even with everything one would need so I'm feeling pretty WIN at the moment The best part is that as soon as I am done with this set of islands I can just move on to the next map with the imagined backstory of a massive hangover and no idea how long I've been laying on this unfamiliar beach he he.
  4. Matthew Johns

    This game is making me into an environmentalist

    All of the above except you will never get my pump action shotgun out of my cold dead grasp Have you watched any youtubers who don't replant etc? It is painful lmao
  5. LOL to be fair they are almost all either pirate ships or yachts right? It's why I didn't originally include (boring) images oddly though the colour is a byproduct of moving it from one map to another, I must have done something while I looked at all the editor options and the whole thing got kind of bleached! Thank you Ane, with a bit of detailing I think it came out rather well even if it is a happy accident. It does make me wonder if it will all go weird again next time I move it on but if it does then I can sort it out fairly readily...
  6. Matthew Johns

    Will this work?

    Yeah I feel the pain, scuba fins make it all a lot easier but you still have to let the boat sail out of view... Which is painful
  7. My first map was a mess, a tiny ghetto base and holes everywhere from learning the mining drill - this is like 30 explored islands in and pretty much all the Ylandium has gone into the boat, all I am missing is an alchemy table (they don't work on boats but the Devs are working on it!)) My only regret is that planted seeds don't attach to the flower pots on boats (but they will grow still if you leave the anchor down) so when it is time to replenish crops I have to sleep for a couple of days until they are ready, imagine having a little farm on the top deck there, it would be glorious
  8. Challenge accepted! She runs off wind power because I have spent all of YLandium on engines etc - next big score and I'll be all generators I was particularly pleased to find out that the charging station will in fact charge the engines FTW!
  9. Matthew Johns

    How to find ylands (guide/tut.)

    I don't know if it helps but I have found more islands just looking at the colour of the ocean on the map than actually following birds, there appears to be shallows between islands so by following the gradients you can often just sail right to the next one! Early on I sailed across a LOT of deep blue and then turned around and went home thinking I was getting nowhere but the map showed some shallow water right where I'd turned - I had missed the island by a whisker! So Birds for definite but also keep an eye on that map
  10. Matthew Johns

    Ropes and cables

    Hi, as a big fan of Kerbal Space Program I'd love to see the kind of functionality that is in the mod "Kerbal Attachment System". It gives winches and attachment points that you can use to make cranes, tow vehicles, and generally tether things! Imagine spelunking with your trusty mini winch or ropes and of course dragging a dingy behind your ship... KSP Is on the unity engine and all mods are required to be open source so a lot of work could be saved by just reading through the code they use for the mod and trying to replicate it in lands!
  11. Matthew Johns

    Massive empty caves

    It sounds to me like you are doing just fine! 300 gold ore would be a god send and 36 YLandium is enough to do... Some interesting stuff I've been looking everywhere for a good gold deposit