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  1. How about a craftable buoy that we can place in the water to mark shallow reef in areas we frequent with our ships and boats. I think about this a lot when I am headed back from adventuring and avoiding the same areas.
  2. fluidsc

    RESOLVED Ship sinks when building upon

    Same issue here...but it is not related to this last update. I had it before the last update. It seems to start once I build, and then die (my best guess) because today I climbed up onto the large sail mast, placed a flag and fell to my death...when I came back to place the ship fore, I cannot... so I have a really broken looking ship ... again ... this happened a few days ago before this latest update with the first ship I was building as well (not sure if I died then... I honestly believe I just left the game and reloaded it between build sessions).
  3. If this exists elsewhere I apologize... It would be helpful if block dimensions were listed on the name. In particular with the sloped/ramp blocks. When you start using them, it becomes hard to distinguish between them. If they had names like "Wooden Block (1x1)", "Wooden Block (1x2)", and "Wooden Block (1x3)" the guesswork could go away. It is possible to tell them apart by looking at them, but barely, and the more you stare at them/use them...the more indistinguishable they become in the crafting grid.