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    If Ylands works similarly to other random world gen games, being able to use a seed would allow one to basically restart a specific world, instead of another random one. Bojo, I think one work-around, though it's probably more of a pain to do than anything is back up a world after its initial generation, and if you happen to like it, you have a fresh copy you can insert. Otherwise, you can delete the backup.
  2. JeremiahKane

    Island Biome Suggestion - Corrupted Yland

    Yeah, it is a bit cliche, but from what we can surmise, the corrupted creatures have been affected by the Ylandium. But from the way things generally look, there isn't enough Ylandium on most islands to have a major effect. But imagine if amount of Ylandium was greater in the environment, then the amount of corruption could be a lot worse. That's the gist of my thoughts.
  3. This thought just occurred to me, so I thought I'd suggest it. A corrupted biome. Picture the scene, if you will. A dark colored island in a state of perpetual darkness due to the shroud of dark mist surrounding it. Teeming with hostile corrupted creatures. Maybe even some mutated horrors. Throw in some dark, maybe corrupted flora and perhaps a dark stone-variant, and you've got yourself a party. A deadly party, but still a party.
  4. JeremiahKane

    Explore Map Size

    That's great. Thanks, Adam. My thoughts on some of the obstacles, both client and dev side, would be managing the generation of the world so that it won't overdo it on the client's system. Generation and load-times client-side would be the potentially worst part, as it'd most likely take longer.
  5. JeremiahKane

    Explore Map Size

    Now I won't pretend to fully understand the coding side of things, but my suggestion would be to make an option to allow players to choose how large they want their worlds to be. You can restrict this on your server for now, while you're still testing things. But letting players choose anywhere from six to, I don't know, maybe 30 islands to generate would allow those simply playing alone or peer-to-peer with friends to get the most of their games. I'm a little hard-pressed to consider the game much of an exploration game in its current state.
  6. JeremiahKane

    SUGGESTION: Floating Buoy

    You might be on to something there. At least, until the devs add a fuctional buoy. Though instead of just a lantern on a raft, build a buoy out of a raft, if it's possible of course.
  7. JeremiahKane

    KNOWN ISSUE Linked account, lost all progress

    Known bug. Not sure what the ETA on a fix is.
  8. JeremiahKane

    Dev Diary #25

    While I can't claim to know how Ylands' save system is setup to handle maps, from my time as a former admin of a Minecraft server hub, I can make a suggestion. Setting a system up to give each map, both crafted and generated an ID number and saving map data to said M[ap]ID# should fix this issue. Depending on how the data is handled currently, you might even be able to make this fix by the 0.7 update.
  9. JeremiahKane

    Chisel repair bug?/map graphical glitch

    Apologies for the double-post, but I just did some durability testing via crafting. First, I loaded myself on stone chunks. Then a chisel. Then I started with the stone hammer and made some of the small stone blocks; the one's that make 20 blocks per craft/chunk.Made all I could, and the stone hammer broke at 20 chunks used. Then I repeated this with the iron hammer and war hammer (separately, of course) and each broke after 60 chunks used. So, now we're at 140 chunks used. Chisel's still going strong. Repaired (with basic repair kits) all three hammers: The stone took 1; the other two took 3 each. I then junked the iron and war hammers. Repeated the crafting, then repairing process until the chisel finally broke. 60 more chunks used. That's a total of 200 chunks/crafts. Repaired it, and it took 10 repair kits. So, from this data we can assume that the durability of stone hammer is 20x, whereas x is the amount of durability used during crafting. (Frankly, I don't see the durability being 20, since I've swung the iron hammer at stone blocks for more than 60 swings before it broke.) And the iron and war hammers are 60x. As for the chisel, well, it's 200x. And as for the basic repair kits, we can safely assume that they repair 20x durability each. TL;DR The chisel will last 10 times longer than stone tools, and ~3.3 times longer than iron tools in crafting.
  10. JeremiahKane

    Chisel repair bug?/map graphical glitch

    Yeah, I have. Numerous times. The more durability something has the more repair kits it'll take. For example, take a stone axe and an iron axe and use them til they're both broken. Pretty sure the stone axe will break much more quickly. Repair them. The stone axe will take only one, whereas the iron axe will take three. If one was able to get exact number values on the durability of items, I'd be willing to wager the chisel has a lot higher durability than any other tool.
  11. JeremiahKane

    Need help with the lights

    Forgot about the accounting linking bug, so my ship's god knows where, but this is from my old world. The lighting isn't great but it sufficed for what I needed. Never finished building everything, though.
  12. JeremiahKane

    RESOLVED Leather map reset bug (Multi)

    It's a known issue. I've had it happen to me when I was playing with a friend, who was hosting. His map would be fine, but mine would reset if I relogged. Admittedly, it really sucks, as it makes it so you are kinda worried about venturing out on your own and completely losing your way if you have to relog. While I don't claim to know how the game handles maps and the saving of them, I think they could relatively easily remedy this by making it so that each map, crafted or otherwise spawned, has it's own ID number and the progress of each map is saved to a file with said ID. However, since it seems everything is saved to a singular, bulk file, it's harder to judge how the game handles saved information. As a former admin of a defunct [modded] Minecraft server-cluster, I can vouch for how bad a bulk file for all information can be a bad thing. But I digress. It would probably require a bit of a rework to how save files are handled to hopefully fix this issue.
  13. JeremiahKane

    Need help with the lights

    Personally, I find the uncovered street lamps work pretty well. Used about four of them along the length-wise section of my dock. Can see them from a decent distance and they light it up well enough to dock my ship.
  14. JeremiahKane

    Chisel repair bug?/map graphical glitch

    As far as the Chisel is concerned, it seems to have a greater durability than most other things. Probably since it's only real use is crafting. Which is unlike the Saw or other tools that can be used in the world. The rest of it, no idea.
  15. JeremiahKane

    RESOLVED [YLD-8181] BSOD since last update

    While I'm not discounting that the game is at fault, one thing you may want to do is to look into the report from the BSOD. https://www.reviversoft.com/blog/2013/12/how-to-find-out-the-cause-of-your-bsod/ This will show you how to find the report. It will also help if you look around the time of the last crash. Or an easier method, though most wouldn't recommend it, is to recreate the crash, if you can. It'll give you less to dig through and a better chance to more easily find it.