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    RESOLVED Torches fly after world restart

    Fixed. Tested on 0.02.12089.
  2. Nesquick0

    RESOLVED Screenshot saved ... but where?

    Thanks for more info. Done. Tested on 0.02.12089.
  3. Yes, fixed. Tested on 0.02.12089.
  4. Repro: Start game and create new creative worldFly above ground like 10 metersPick torches to spawnPress TAB to create them and place them in air. They will fall to the groundGo back to main menuPress continue to go back to that worldTorches are flying in the air. But new torches fall to the ground (obviously until next restart)Build: 0.01.11067 Torches_fly.mp4
  5. Repro: Run game and start Learn missionFirst sign post should give you bubble textGo to menu (ESC), configure, graphicsChange resolution scaleBubble text moves with the scale (and also new bubbles are also on wrong positions) so overall positioning is wrongBuild: 0.01.11067 Wrong_text_bubble_with_resolution_scale.mp4
  6. Lamp doesn't shine in inventory when tooltip show Repro: Run game and start creator mode Open inventory and Creator tab Find Ylandium lamp Hover with mouse over some other item until tooltip is shown. When tooltip exist shine aroud lamp item is not visible. Note: see video Build: 0.01.11067 Lamp_inventory_not_shine.mp4
  7. Repro: Start game and go into some worldTake screenshot (F12 default). It should show message.Screenshot should be saved. Example path: "c:\Users\XYZ\Documents\Ylands\Screenshots\October 2015\Ylands_151009_011018.png"Delete last directory "October 2015"Try to take screenshot again, but no message shown and no file created. You only get short freeze as game create screenshot, but can't save it.Desired: Game should be able to create path, when taking screenshotNote: Game create this directory when going to main menu or from main menu. At least what I know. How I found this issue: I take some screenshots by accident (I have bound CTRL+F12 to video capture and game took screenshots).I want to get rid of those screenshots so I remove whole directory "October 2015" presuming that game will handle it.Build: 0.01.11067
  8. When ingame screenshot is saved game tells you that it was saved and name of the file, but you don't know where it was saved. I found that it is saved to Documents\Ylands\Screenshots\"month"\... but game didn't tell me. Show some tip at least, that it is in documents. Show full path. Or if you click on name of the file it can open window (for example in windows) with directory. Build: 0.01.11067
  9. F12 key is bound to 2 things: "Config Panel" and "Take screenshot" in default settings/ Don't know what Config Panel should do but probably not a good idea to have 2 actions to same key. Build: 0.01.11067
  10. Mouse scroll is slow in Controls setup menu, but it is ok in for example in Inventory - Creator menu. Repro: Go to menu - ConfigureControlsControls SetupUse mouse wheel to scroll down/up and I have to do like 2 full spins to move one line.Note: It is ok in inventory. Build: 0.01.11067 Controls_slow_mousescroll.mp4
  11. Repro: Start any gamemodeSwitch to first person camera (C key default)Go to menu (ESC) or inventory and you still see crosshair (white dot) over every screenDesired: Crosshair should be visible only during gameplay when player can move character with mouse and not when mouse cursor is used in menus.Build: 0.01.11067