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  1. So I go to my large ship I built a while ago. Every time I go up the ladder to get on it the game teleports me to the top of the last ladder I used. In this particular case it teleports me from my ship to the middle of an island in a house I used before I took to the sea. The ladder on the other side simply puts me half way up and I fall into the water. So I ended the game and reloaded it. Now it teleports me to the other ladder I used on the other side of the ship. I included a video clip for more reference. This error has not gone away and only since latest update. There are a million more bugs but I figured Devs are hard at work on the small ones but this effects my game play a lot. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. JonnyDarcko001

    RESOLVED Ship Ladder Teleports Me To Last USed Ladder

    It seems to always teleport me to the last used ladder besides the ship. Not game breaking for the moment as this game is really fun so far. Im glad the Devs are doing a lot so far.