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  1. Christalle

    Welding suggestions

    Thanks for the answer!
  2. Christalle

    Welding suggestions

    Many entities can't be welded, it would be fantastic to be able to weld things such as plants/trees, signs, tools, weapons, armor... It would also be interesting to have the choice to generate only a single collision for a specific weld (such as single block) even if that would prevent editing.
  3. Christalle

    A special cube

    Thanks guys, glad you liked it Shadow it's a good idea. I'm sure this cube will have an excellent place in a future game. In the meantime, it's just there to look pretty
  4. Christalle

    Sounds suggestions

    What a pity
  5. Christalle

    Dev Diary #79

    Thanks Dev
  6. Christalle

    French translation in the editor

    Hey Devs It seems that in the french translation, it's not indicated improvement in %, or optimisation of the collisions concerning welds. It works if I change the language: And here, a little detail, you can remove the "de" Thank you
  7. Christalle

    Dev Diary #77

    It would be awesome!
  8. Christalle

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    Good work Bee! And pss, in my country, she is much bigger
  9. Christalle

    A new pet?

    Maybe.... 😎 🤗
  10. Christalle

    A new pet?

    My first try in animation, beginning of a long series! Thank you @Spyler.X for helping me understand
  11. Christalle

    A new pet?

    As you see, I gave up his ears
  12. Christalle

    A new pet?

    Work in progress, there is still a lot of adjustment to make but it's a start
  13. Christalle

    A new pet?

    What a pretty parrot
  14. Christalle

    Test animation and beautiful sunrise

  15. Christalle

    Dev Diary #73

    I'm not alone in waiting for this next update with impatience
  16. Christalle

    Weekly sneaky WiP #10

    Haha great! It will be less risky by boat
  17. Christalle

    DEV ANSWER Small visual bugs

    Hello Has the size of the alchemy table been voluntarily reduced? Or is it missing a piece of the bottom? Spyler also found a fault on this block (striped block, 3x3) Thanks for the resolution! 😉
  18. Christalle

    Issues found in translations

    Two small errors in the french translation that it seemed good to indicate to you, altough it does not really affect the game: 1. "Récipient en terre" must be translated by "récipient de terre". Otherwise it means that the box is made with the dirt 😆 2. "Losange" is actually "diamant". Thank you devs, if I notice others I'll let you know! 😋
  19. Christalle

    Let us disable passive lighting

    Same thing for crystals, even setting the alpha value to 0, they stay bright 😕 Thanks!
  20. Christalle

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    When you are thirsty for knowledge
  21. Christalle

    Dev Diary #67

    @ovring, a thing that works for me when I place too heavy compositions. Rather than placing it on the floor, try to place it as far as possible on the horizon. This avoids the loading of objects with all visible details (I don't know if my english is clear sorry 😅). Thanks to @Bob Salvador for this tip ^^
  22. Too bad, I wish I had more time to devote to the contest of this month! I have a project to finish hehe... I hope the community will grow and the hidden talents will unfold. I can't wait to see the work of the new recruits, welcome aboard P1, guys!
  23. Christalle

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    The cat tree would be ideal for my companions, I buy @Spyler.X 🤣
  24. Christalle

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    Small things for big ambitions 🙂