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  1. GrandPunkRailroad

    Recycler [suggestion]

    An idea for the use of the fantastic stuff you find when digging. Credit to Stardew Valley for concept. A ylandium generator craftable junk recycler, for turning scrap boots, old cans, other remnants found while digging into more interesting items. Possibly the diamonds too. Just an idea, I like all the junk, I just wondered whether there might be utility in an advanced crafting station which would give you a reason to save this stuff and stay excited when it is found.
  2. GrandPunkRailroad

    Map to buried treasue [suggestion]

    This suggestion is for possible future expansion of the game. The maps found in subterranean passages should be pieces of a treasure map. Assemble say 6 fragments together to find the location of a further treasure. Guarded by a larger end type boss.. And the contents of the buried treasure should be components for an item which takes you beyond what is known, to a father realm of monsters and mystery. For example: part of the treasure could be the essential component for a magical sea clock allowing navigation to a previously unreachable place. The game currently is quite good. I think the difficulty curve of obtaining components and crafting more complex items (ship, advanced weaponry, electrical stuff) is just right and requires little balancing. I have enjoyed all the crafting and exploring up to the point where I’ve seen most of what the game has to offer. I love the sailing and would like it to be a bigger part of propelling the game outward. The further challenges must be acquiring more and more limited (rare) resources and the potential to see/travel to new areas. Not just further crafting for it’s own sake, I think. I know that this is probably what the Dev’s (most awesome ones) have in mind for future expansions of the game. To bring it back: the maps found in the underground should be a provide more of a reward for finding than just something that could and probably has been crafted. This could give reason for searching them out, and build excitement in finding them.
  3. GrandPunkRailroad

    [Suggestion] Hot Air Balloon

    Maybe a parachute for those unexpected steps out of the basket? And a place to go in the air?? A SkYland??!!
  4. GrandPunkRailroad

    Ship Ideas

    Submarine!! +1 great idea
  5. GrandPunkRailroad

    [Suggestion] Hot Air Balloon

    Need a use for all that leather maybe?? What if you could connect hot air balloons to your ship. AIRSHIP!! Since almost everywhere you might land is not land...
  6. GrandPunkRailroad

    [Suggestion] Hot Air Balloon

    The search function didn’t seem to turn anything up or I’d have piled on there... So I’m not the only wind bag? Ha!
  7. GrandPunkRailroad

    [Suggestion] Hot Air Balloon

    This is a ridiculous idea! But it’d be cool to build a hot air balloon. There are already wind currents. There’d Also have to be some kind of propeller with a directional control so that a player wasn’t purely at the mercy of the wind. The components could be a bunch of leather or cloth bound with a bunch of ropes attached to a basket of hay & sticks. A complex burner would have to be built for lift. And maybe a ylandium motor to run a propeller. A 19th century style hot air balloon? Or is it just me filled with hot air..
  8. GrandPunkRailroad

    [ suggestion ] Hunger / lying down

    +1 kids..
  9. GrandPunkRailroad

    Whaling in the deep sea

    I knew based upon the first few responses that this subject had become fraught with tricky feelings about killing these majestic mammals if they were included in this game. I also am the type which carries spiders outside rather than smashing them. But in video games I also like a little GTA.. One might not have much bearing on the other. The focus of the discussion ought to be whether whales are worthy of being suggested to the developers for inclusion in the game or not. My thoughts are that if they were to be included, they ought to be harvestable. Others have said they oppose whale harvest, which I respect. My idea is that whales might drop ~20 meat and perhaps 10 whalebone. Big bones that could be used to decorate a homesite. And perhaps whalebone could be craftable using a knife into a trophy like a scrimshawed whale tooth, or made into a whalebone corset. Whale inclusion means that we could logically have flags and wood signs with blowspouts and whale fin designs.. I’m opposed to the idea that whale oil become a new fuel. I dislike the idea of requiring massive whale consumption to drive some motor or other, we already have Ylandium.. I also agree that whale resources should not be required to build any end game craftables. I imagine that whales would be rare to spot and hard to catch. And the reason I think they should not attack ships (take that Moby Dick) is because a player ought not to loose their ship at sea apart from some reason that they control. Now if the bump dynamic weren’t so finicky (dang seagulls) maybe they could bump the boat a bit.. But it’d be tough to make the claim that they should be an enemy, and ought instead to be benign. Players could choose how to interact with them. As I do not kill boars and goats, because I think of them as tameable farm animals, but I do kill ostriches for the feathers despite their not attacking me. As for the shark defending portion of my idea. They’re pests. I just thought it’d be more epic to have to transport the whale to shallows meanwhile preventing the food portion of the resource from being diminished. Plus if it were an attraction to a few sharks, they’d be easier to hit from the ship. Usually I find they swim away when shot at and are near impossible to kill from a ship. There should be more to do and see while sailing. It’d have to be simple activities because sailing is tricky. And I think having additional player driven goals and displayable rewards would increase the longevity of the game for some. Thar she blows!
  10. GrandPunkRailroad

    [suggestion] crow’s nest functional

    I’ve seen others mention this here and there, without it’s being focused upon. I’d like a climbing animation to take us up the large mast to the crow’s nest to get a better view while sailing. With the masts unfurled and the helm at the back, I feel like I’m sailing blind. And as we are intrepid sailors, I’d like for there to be no possibility of falling during this process! Thx for looking out for us!
  11. GrandPunkRailroad

    Whaling in the deep sea

    I recognize your reluctance to see this included in the game. Alas, my hope of channeling The Old Man and the Sea and Moby Dick may never come to fruition in Ylands.. My romantic view of the 18th-19th century whaling industry conveniently omits the grizzly murder and subsequent collapse of the worldwide whale population. I, like you though, think that expanding the variety of animals in this game is desirable. And animals should be harvestable, as this is a resource collection adventure game. And the vast majority of the animals currently available are harvested for leather, meat, feather, armor components, etc. Whether you choose to or not. The ethics of harvesting animals which don’t attack you in a video game is debatable and murky. I’d rather avoid video game morality disputes. But I think it could be done without mutilated corpses and oil slicks. I made my suggestion based upon Ylands’ geographical setting and historical tone, and my fond memories of the epic struggles within these old novels. Also my desire to see whales breaching in the distance, spouting, and swimming by in the depths. Their inclusion presents the possibility of epic adventure, world building, and storytelling into the game, and also the possibility of rare trophies and resources obtainable through exploration. Whaling, tho, may just be too cruel (which it was) and destructive to the environment to warrant it being a game mechanic in Ylands.. I’ll continue the hunt for that elusive white whale elsewhere. Maybe hypothetical monters of the deep would be easier to justify being “trophy” animals than their real world analogs. Think “There be monsters” map edge type mythical beasts.. P.S. (off topic) If dolphins are included I’d also like them to be rideable. ?
  12. GrandPunkRailroad


    I’ve found five Ylands so far. I’ve got tons of sulfur. It’s scattered in many surface deposits on my desert islands. Now I’m off to new Ylands on a search for saltpeter, most difficult for me to find as of yet. So far I think the balance of resources is very good. Just enough demand of particular resources to drive exploration to farther reaches. I didn’t have copper on my start island. Then I needed rubber.. Now to make bullets I’m short saltpeter.. I gotta do some more exploration.. ?
  13. GrandPunkRailroad

    Whaling in the deep sea

    Others have proposed whales, harpoons, and deep sea adventure before, I’m just synthesizing those ideas. (You know who you are). There’s an opportunity for the deep sea which we encounter at the border to be expanded further. Maybe 500 blocks or so. First the ocean floor could be dropped to the basement layer. Corals and veg could be dropped out. Maybe a few super rare and scattered resources could be on this deep ocean floor (requiring deep diving to obtain). Second as another had suggested, the weather out there could be cranked up, making fewer glorious sunny days more rare, and making spotting whale spouts more difficult. Thirdly, whales. Maybe a few different models, mos def a super rare gargantuan white one... All should only have a rare chance to find. They also should have some cosmetic obtainable items that could be harvested. Blubber oil for fuel perhaps, but big bones, skull, or trophy type items for sure. The harpoon should be hand throwable and have a craftable shooting variant. Both with a rope that could be tied to the ship. My feeling for how whales should be exciting to capture and haul would be for whales to require a few harpoons to be attached to it before they could be tied to the ship and then killed. Then the whale would have to be hauled back to a shallow water to be consumable (knife?) into components. Hauling whales back makes this an adventure. If it slowed the boat a little, and if the whale has a small percent ~2.5-5% chance of sharks attacking it, the player would have to be vigilant and defend their haul on the way back, to avoid a portion of it being consumed by sharks. Whale behavior could be 90% submerged 10% emergent. There could be some small pods of two or three whales. Whales would have to travel on a straight line, ‘cause steering a ship while harpooning an animal on a variable course would be difficult in single player. If a player spotted a whale, acquired it’s course, and then the whale submerged, the player could assume the course, wait and watch, and over time the whale would emerge along the same course. This all seems exciting to me as an expansion of the interesting possibilities for acquiring uncommon loot to display, and also highlights a possible adventure that would fit into this awesome world you’ve created.
  14. GrandPunkRailroad

    Tents & Fishing

    Tents are exactly what I came here to suggest! Glad others want this too!
  15. GrandPunkRailroad

    Moving/Taming Animals

    Ha! Sorry ‘bout the formatting. Cut and pasted it from my notepad..