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  1. White Skull Mr.Friendly


  2. White Skull Mr.Friendly

    Horses Again

    This is super weird the horse is moving around when in laying down Video.rar
  3. White Skull Mr.Friendly

    RESOLVED Leather Map Bug

    When ever I open the leather map I cant do anything nothing has popped up I cant get out of it its just like the game isn't letting me do anything
  4. White Skull Mr.Friendly


    Is there a map in this game and if so can someone tell me how to obtain or craft it
  5. White Skull Mr.Friendly

    Research Books

    I would find it much easier if you could make or find research books what I would like them to do is show you the recipe for 10 or any different recipes off random because for a example I don't know how to get the energy linker to show up on my recipes
  6. White Skull Mr.Friendly

    DEV ANSWER Boats (Stuck)

    this is kinda a bug and a suggestion but can you ylander devleopers make it so we can push our boats if they get stuck on the land and some reason I was riding my boat near the shore and I got stuck like it stopped moving and the front when into the water even thoe there is no land touching the bottom.
  7. White Skull Mr.Friendly

    NPC'S (Pirates)

    Can you ylander developers make it so theres enemy ships where you have to fight them or not like run away but it will be preety fun
  8. White Skull Mr.Friendly


    I would like it if you guys ylander developers can make it so we can host 24/7 servers with a lot of player slots and have spawn points on different islands so people can raid and fight with ships
  9. White Skull Mr.Friendly

    RESOLVED Horse Bug

    So if you get knocked of your horse you can not move at all and then you have to restart your hole game for it to work again this happens all the time