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  1. Fight or Flight Gamer

    Sneak Peek #58

    Very cool!
  2. Fight or Flight Gamer

    KNOWN ISSUE Character won't save

    I am now able to get into the game. I created a new name. Still can't use the original name that I wanted FightorFlightGamer it kept saying it was already in use, but I am able to get into the game with the new name FightorFlightGm.
  3. Sure. I still had problems. It was FightorFlight. I thought I'd try it again tonight. No luck says taken, so I created FightorFlightgm. Even with that I tried to load my old game & its still showing the bald guy in the picture that replaced my character after the update. It sat on load screen for like 5 mins. Won't load now.
  4. I can't get into my game without creating another character with a new name. I'll wait until next week & see if they fix it. I don't want to make another character & mess it up further
  5. Fight or Flight Gamer

    KNOWN ISSUE Character won't save

    I made a character after the update, named it, saved it, linked my account & she doesn't appear in my old game. She was replaced by a random bald headed man. When I close the game & opened it again, it ask me to create/name a character again. I can't past this screen without creating another character. I am unable to play the game!
  6. I created a character just like my original female, saved it, linked it & went into my old game. She (my original character) is gone. Now there is an old, bald man instead! No idea where he came from. My house & stuff is still there
  7. Fight or Flight Gamer

    Sneak Peek #49

    Thanks Devs sounds amazing!
  8. Fight or Flight Gamer

    Dev Diary #30

    I love the scenarios I've played so far from the Ylands team. I'm looking forward to trying these as well.
  9. Fight or Flight Gamer

    Sneak Peek #48

    Will be able to zoom out on the map far enough to see all the islands we've discovered? That would be helpful. Thanks looking forward to the all the new updates!
  10. Fight or Flight Gamer

    Dev Diary #29

    Thank you so much for all your doing! I'm excited for the horse & combat improvements. I play single player so the only bug that bothers me a bit is the lag. It seems to have gotten longer after the last update.
  11. Fight or Flight Gamer

    [SPOILER ALERT] Numbers on ship sails and engines

    Very helpful thanks! I was wondering how the engines work. I did try to put 2 small masts on my small ship & it just wouldn't let me. Not sure if that was a bug haven't tried it again.
  12. Fight or Flight Gamer

    Sneak Peek #46

    Awesome changes sounds great. I too have had issues with editor not saving all the time. I found it best to hit the save icon at the top & don't move cursor until you get the "game saved" message at the bottom . If I don't do it this way & go into file, return to main menu instead it brings up box to save or don't save, if you hit save from here my game crashes most of the time. Are there any tutorials on how to use the editor for making games? I'm figuring out the building part but no idea on scenarios.
  13. Fight or Flight Gamer

    Ship from Workshop

    Not sure what happened but I downloaded a scenario & it downloaded fine. I am logged in under same name. I went back to items I subscribed to & previoulsly where it showed I was subscribed to those items it now showed that I wasn't, so I was able to hit subscribe again & this time I got a confirmation that I didn't get before so it appears to be working! I verified they are now in the editor also. Weird. The only thing I can tell that was different was I had the game open but minimized when I subscribed. Thanks again for your help!
  14. Fight or Flight Gamer

    Ship from Workshop

    Yes, I had forgotten to sign in but I did & hit the subscribe button, but when I go into the editor & hit compositions there isn't anything there. I waited a long time to see if it would show up, but it didn't. It shows I am subscribed to the item on the workshop so not sure where its going or why I can see it in the editor. Thanks for your help btw