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    show map in editor

    @AlchemistDaggerI kinda feel the same, got a few time lost in editor while working on a map! I helped myself out with a little trick, in "Generate New Terrain" -> "Refresh Preview" i generated the mini map, then (am on windows here) i hit alt+print, then into paint/photoshop, there ctrl+v to paste, then cut out the minimap and resize it to 500% and voila i had some kind of a map. It's maybe not the best resolution, but at least i can compare the coastline from the map in editor with the map i made. Then in editor i made on every yland a "Label" and named it yland 1, yland 2 and so far, now i can "fasttravel" between the ylands by rightclick on the label and "Go Here". My Map ~Chris~ *Btw I had to change my name from ~Chris~ to another one, cuz bohemia made for a while some changes and not longer allowing the ~ in my name and i had a lot of problems in the ac section. Just saying.
  2. Psychadelix

    Sneak Peek #44

    @Aleš Ulm Ok let me try to explain this. English is not my mother language, just saying, please be mercy with me. Example 1: You want to build a bay, therefore you have to remove water, because it's not possible to dig/flatten/smooth the terrain under water. Example 2: You removed a little island and you want to fill the gone land with water. Example 3: You want to make a lake or a river on the island. In every example you want to add water, but with the current tool it is almost impossible to do that in a smooth way, mostly it ends up by adding "balls or towers" of water. If you go in editor-play-mode the water will be something of flatten to sea level, but often it ends in regions where is to less or to much water and results then in visual glitches. In regions where to much water is added, it will happen you swim under water (raft or small boat). If you accidentally added to much water and it sloshed on the beach, it's also possible that visual- and sound glitches happen at land, like you are running on land, but hearing yourself running in water. Also had it one time, there must be sloshed way too much water at the beach, but the shark did not recognized that the water sloshed back and attacked me, like there is no land . You see it can be very frustrating adding/working with water. I am not the only one who talked about this. Therefore, like i said, a Button to limit the addition of water to sea level, would be nice. My suggestion topic (Suggestion) Editor - Water Button - Sea Level Here another topic by @Designated Drinker Map Editor Water and @Whane The Whip response sums it up response Map Editor Water *@Velocifer was faster btw thanks
  3. Psychadelix

    Sneak Peek #44

    I already have posted this in the suggestions, but as it looks like this section does not get that much attention, am asking here. I know its maybe not that import for most users, but in the current state it is very frustrating to add water in Editor. In short, how about to add an extra button in the editor (like use world/local coordinate system) to limit the addition of water at sea level. Like, "keep water at sea level" or "if this is active water can only be added up to sea level"!?
  4. Psychadelix

    Make The World Round Again [Suggestion]

    This is a GREAT idea! Really loving it cuz i already stuck in a map corner and this would give it a nice touch of a endless map! Vote!
  5. Hey Ylanders Got the game a week ago and had some time to playing around with it. Really loving the game and first i want to thanks the full team for the hard work in this unique game and also thanks for the communication with the community (which is not commonplace in the gaming-industry). Thumps up for this! I know am not the first one who is complaining about the water topic and honestly i think there can't be enough talking about it, because it is such an important feature for creative Ylanders which are working on maps. Water should get a own terraform category and/or at least maybe u can make it so, that there is a button like "if this is active water can only be added up to sea level". Alone this future would help us a LOT! Additionally maybe a slider from, lets say as example -100% to +100% or -1000% to +1000% while 0% is at sea level. With that it could be possible to add water lower then sea lvl in caves or higher then sea lvl on mountains! This would make it a LOT easier to work with water because in the current state it is more then frustrating doing this. I really stuck completely with mapping cuz of the current water tool. You also could make it so if u switch from editor mode to character mode u then can edit "live" while everything is animated like if u switch to the editor play mode. Or just "allow" "live editing" in editor play mode and if u switch back to editor mode that everything u edited in play mode gets saved. So far from me. Any opinion is welcome. Heads up Ylanders Chris