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  1. I believe this was marked resolved in error as it is happening again to players on a server i play on less than twelve hours ago. Its still on the front page though so i expect some traffic to this bug in the days to come, don't give up hope Baz!
  2. The PP bug is a serious game breaker for a lot of people. Once the pack is "removed" for any reason even putting a new pack on does nothing, while under the effects of the PP issue I attempted to put on two additional packs to see if I can regain flight but they are simply consumed, stacking beneath the one that I had "on" but really off and I still remained grounded.
  3. This sounds a lot like the beginning of multiplicity, the inoperable PP can only be fixed by death or server restart. But death is so risky in a state where you have damaged metadata. Nine times out of ten you'll encounter this. I just perform land based activities until the server restarts rather than risk multiplicity on death. Have your server master look for clones of you in the editor and delete them and then your first death corpse. Until that time there is almost no chance of rejoining that particular server. Sorry man!
  4. Evilskrod

    Steamer Tug Boat

    This is really amazing 66! you did such a good job! very stylish, i love things like this!
  5. Evilskrod

    DEV ANSWER Extreme: Annihilator vs. Boat hull

    This exact situation happened to a player on a server I play on three consecutive times, one must use EXTREME CAUTION when using the Ahni anywhere near a ship as things can get quite expensive quite fast destroying a fully built 3+ hrs vessel in an instant especially one laden with loot.
  6. Evilskrod

    no mutated animals

    Sadly paintguns no longer break down into Ydust, effectively reducing the chances of players reaching ylandium level on multiplayer servers to zero. I believe the new meta is to only join servers that have started on the day you are playing because it is now impossible to acquire it through any means after about 30 hours. Bad luck on the caves but keep that camera spinning around the caves searching for the trapped baddies in SP! Good luck and have fun!
  7. Evilskrod

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8858] Multiplayer Bug

    I believe that multiplicity has been fixed! sadly now the characters that perish in multiplayer can select the create new character button, create a character and remain dead, upon logout and return the character can move around as normal and can interact with objects in the game world, but the inventory screen / crafting menu remains totally blank. if one were to fill the entire inventory and perish (and they will because they are unable to eat) they drop the items that they were holding on the ground as per usual. And again and again back to the beach. Propeller packs are particularly glitchy in 0.7 and have terrible rubberbanding now and I do not know if this is the cause of said glitch or if it is a branch of the "falling on the back" glitch that happened to result in death. I was carrying a paintgun when this occurred which no longer can be broken down into ylandium (which I assume is glitched, as characters who join a server more than 20-30 hours old will be unable to experience the lategame as all the ylandium is gone and the mutated animals have been butchered, but there may be a vendor that sells Ydust for gold that i haven't found yet, as that will be the only way to acquire it for characters who join on the second day of a servers life cycle.) I will continue to investigate these things and report back with more information!
  8. Evilskrod

    0.7: Cheerful Characters (14/02/2018)

    Hernest the hunter is available outside the hunting lodge from 11 in the morning to 6:50 in the evening, he sells both types of bait, knives, hides, bullets and shotgun shells, beartraps, feathers and contains 250 golden pebbles each day. he also has various meats, which I buy even though starvation is now impossible haha.
  9. Characters who perish in multiplayer die but remain in the same spot standing or flying as if they were alive, they can still open the inventory and manipulate items inside or craft/drop items while "dead". Unstuck teleports the player to the beach but they still remain immobile, the option to create a new character is still available but upon clicking it they receive an immediate hard crash and have to force close Ylands.exe from the control panel. logging out and back in is possible but without the ability to make a new character one can not ever move again and is trapped inside their "dead" vessel. removing the character and metadata via the editor is possible and after deletion will be prompted for new character creation without the immediate crash, but its very time consuming to load the editor, delete the dead characters, save and re-upload the world file, make new characters, and then hopefully retrieve the lost equipment. Some pieces of gear can not be removed (for example the propeller pack) and are ALWAYS lost upon deletion. Those who encounter this glitch while playing on servers that are not moderated are FINISHED, and will forever be locked inside the "dead" body making the server entirely unplayable after death.
  10. Evilskrod

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8858] Multiplayer Bug

    These files are from my personal account, not the server, unless they are connected. After the reboot, we had even more problems...people's Protective Barriers have disappeared. More players are now having connection issues and not able to join in the game. I normally wipe the server and start over. I have done this multiple times in the past 2-3 months. Only once have I ever had a server that I pay for not have this issue. If you need more info let me know, I am now notified of the replies on this thread. I could also make another video and share it to you. Thank you for your time, and take care. ~Stoutcrusher post above (but not yet unlocked) contains the requested files. ~Justin
  11. Evilskrod

    Sneak Peek #47

    Thank you so much! These fixes are 100% needed. Many servers become unplayable after a few hours and it's very disappointing to put tons of hours into a base and ship only to find that they are inoperable and you can no longer log in! I am so excited for the 0.7 update! Very happy to see quests added! NPC characters will make the islands so much more exciting!
  12. Evilskrod

    I call it: Life... and death.

    WOW this is certainly a collection! i keep a few griefers chained under the Justin Mansion but this is a proper haul of corpses! I need to make some more coffins! Shouts out to all the TCN players present here and in the thread too!
  13. I believe that this issue has now been resolved! try logging in again!