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  1. stlnegril9

    0.9: Comfortable Cooperation (08/06/2018)

    The HUD not showing the world is noted. But, so far, I've lived with it. I suppose there could be some time when I'm in danger and need to look at inventory, etc. and it gets me killed. I prefer not to get killed. We'll see. Still learning and exploring. TY Ylands/BI for the 0.9!
  2. stlnegril9

    Are we there yet?

    If we can't get refreshed servers, perhaps kimbuck's refrigerator could be refreshed? Sounds unsanitary. A bit more seriously, how does one know when servers are reset? here on the forum?
  3. stlnegril9

    One Key, Many Doors/Chests

    I recall a movie where the guy explained why he sleeps in his car. Because if he got an apartment, he'd need another key. And if he got a job, he'd probably need another key for the office. And that's too many keys to worry about. But right now he just has one key to worry about. "I just like having the one key, it's clean." I'm not sure why this info should be helpful. It is probably not. But the bbCakes/V-Alfred/Kimbuck exchange reminded me of it.
  4. stlnegril9

    KNOWN ISSUE Inventory Issue

    I've seen that on rare occasions, but in my case the item was hovering below my inventory slots, not below the chest/container.
  5. stlnegril9

    Dialog balloon ??

    A bit off topic from OP, and V-Alfred probably knows the game better than me, but I thought sometimes NPCs have initial dialogue when you first find them? I have vague memory of one saying something like "have a look at my wares". Maybe it was a sign on the wall? Maybe I dreamt it.
  6. stlnegril9

    Rain Bows

    Ahh, I think I see it now. Slightly above and to the left of character's head.
  7. stlnegril9

    Mining Drill question

    Decided to slog through it with the pick, just to see. It also seems to vary (or there is something else changing the yields I don't understand). I try to mine all the dirt around the "edges" of the iron to ensure I got every bit. Same approach as earlier. Start new game in Editor, place creator cube, propeller pack, mining drill and iron pickaxe. then "terraform" cube shape, set at "2" size with iron ore. Play the game and mine it, count the yield, then "restart tested Game" and repeat. pick 145 pick 142 (+ 2gold coins, possibly from surrounding dirt) pick 174 Pic of starting situation: Pic of typical yield with pickaxe: Somewhat puzzled by why it varies so much.
  8. stlnegril9

    Rain Bows

    Have never seen (or noticed anyway) those. Could it be from certain light sources in heavy weather? I think a Prot. Bearier is in the 1st pic. I don't see anything actually in the 2nd. And maybe the sun (or a reflection of it), in the 3rd?
  9. stlnegril9

    Mining Drill question

    Hoping to contribute, I did some minimal testing, iron ore, put a creator cube to get pickaxe or mining drill and used "restart game". Yield after grabbing all drops by hand : pickaxe 148 Drill 159, 147, 169, 169
  10. stlnegril9

    Mining Drill question

    It now seems obvious you don't. It was just the sole idea that entered my feeble brain at that moment. But I also don't know if using the same size area in different locations matter in Ylands. (e.g. the powder kegs). There may be coordinate/location specific changes in yields for all I know. That was part of my disclaimer on "not sure that's a definitive test". But even having different saves of the "same" game may not be a true test (perhaps there are timestamp or other things used for RNG yields?). In any case, thanks for the results. I think (for most people) the minimal difference in yield wouldn't matter much.
  11. stlnegril9

    Ice Blocks

    That looks great! The beveled edges are a nice touch. Curious if double walled ice blocks treat the light differently.
  12. stlnegril9

    Mining Drill question

    You can "paint" ores in the Editor. So, I believe you could paint a particular ore in some world using the Editor, save it, and then try the mining drill on one copy and a pickaxe on the other. I'm not sure that's a definitive test but seems legit. I may try that later today if I have time. (note "paint" may not be the actual menu selection, but I know I've done it some months ago, testing the look of the various ores in different areas).
  13. stlnegril9

    Sneak Peek #51

    Ha! That's a first (for me). TIL. Griefers can inspire poetry.
  14. It was tongue-in-cheek. An on/off switch is fine by me.
  15. stlnegril9

    Making a new exploration map-type.

    @Apokh, I'm guessing you may be misunderstanding Kimbuck's venting of frustration as some type of namecalling attack. I could be wrong, of course, but I read the above as direct result of the recent frustrations with the NA 15 server. From what I've seen, Kimbuck (and friends) are better than some in that they are trying to foster a friendly, cooperative environment on some servers. And they are asking devs for the tools to do so. Have never seen them try to stop others from doing whatever style of play they want on other servers. As for imagining " anyone wants this " ... I certainly do. But also agree that if people want a different style of play (slaughter everything, whatever); then give them the tools/freedom to have at it.