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    RESOLVED [YLD-8860] Network Layer Error

    @Velocifer My connection is pretty stable though.. It's also weird because one we connect to each other and actually start playing, it's very stable. Sometimes it does kick me off right after I get into the game. But yea it's a really weird dice roll every time. Ylands seems to be the only one having connection issues because other games I play are fine
  2. Avinscratch

    RESOLVED [YLD-8860] Network Layer Error

    Nevermind the noob question output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. Okay, I'm grateful that the whole "Host Unreachable" thing has been removed because it's annoying to see that error and not know what causes it. But I'm still having trouble connecting to my friend in multiplayer. Once I got connected it gave out the Network Layer Error (2) message and when I try to reconnect it's like a dice roll whether or not I can join his game. I know it's not my internet because when I do manage to connect, we can play Ylands with little to no latency, it when you disconnect or reconnect that the problem starts. Also, total newb here, how do I post my game's log? I know that has useful info on it. I really wanna play with my friends