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Found 1 result

  1. BUG: I recently been working with triggers, and found some bugs, moving objects after a number of times the relative position coordinates get messed, you can easily see in a recently composition i made (elevator) after a number of uses the lever starts being moved with a higher value of Y making it float on the air in the elevator. (used time triggers with move entity instantly relative positions, for levers, floor and player, some for going up, some for going down) Suggestion#1: Noticed that the event trigger: Ask Player, is not case sensitive, i know that it's to save the trouble of not having to input upper case versions of the answer. But i feel like it removes some custom answers, for example, if a player answers in upper cases, having as a reply: there was no need for yelling, just as an example. It would be wonderful if in the trigger there was a check option to enable or disable case sensitive. BUG screenshots, it seems to happen when i go both directions up and down, if i keep moving up it doesn't happen at least 99% of the times Time trigger to move both levers up 0.3 y (the second lever is bellow in EVENT#1 and it is the same except the entity id, because it's the other lever) Time trigger to move both levers down -0.3 y (the second lever is bellow in EVENT#1 and it is the same except the entity id, because it's the other lever) Hope you take this info into consideration when tweaking the trigger system