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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Well, we had problem with slots before during "drag and drop" - now we do not even have to do drag and drop! Picking up items or opening containers is messing with slots very well even without our help. Just walk around and pick some items, open inventory and... Surprise! Try to move something here and there, drag and drop and after a while you will find more and more "broken" slots. The only difference is: items are not showed at the bottom of the window, but one and a half to the right... Also... sometimes drag and drop "miss" and you have two identical items, both in the same slot, but not combined as one... Second strange thing is... Lanterns are not working from time to time. I have 20-30 lanterns right now, and some of these are "off" and after a while on again or "half-on"... or... bright red...??? So, I must say - It was better before... BTW. It was in my game before, I thought it was made for a reason, but it seem unlikely... I like to collect mushrooms, so I have few containers full of different kinds... And I have found a glitch or bug - the buggy/glitchy mushrooms are only cave mushrooms. For some reason, the same types cannot be combined together, thought they are clearly the same type (not similar in look, but exactly the same). I thought at the beginning that I can collect only one big mushroom in one slot, but then I realised that some mushrooms can be combined together and others not - thought they are of the same type, for example glowing mushrooms. So, In one slot I have one, in second one three, in third 2 identical mushrooms, but they cannot be combined. Maybe the same cave mushrooms, but from different bioms are tagged somehow and cannot be combined? Have a nice day, Bartosz
  2. Hey quick question, Is there any way to place a wall torch or lantern properly in Explore mode? I'm having trouble dropping the lanterns up-right, and can't seem to find a button to place / mount a wall torch, on a wall or anything! Anyone know how this works? Something like a drag action would be handy for lanterns etc, hold down right click and drag and object for example. Thanks.