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(Suggestion) Editor - Water Button - Sea Level


Hey Ylanders ;)

Got the game a week ago and had some time to playing around with it. Really loving the game and first i want to thanks the full team for the hard work in this unique game and also thanks for the communication with the community (which is not commonplace in the gaming-industry). Thumps up for this!

I know am not the first one who is complaining about the water topic and honestly i think there can't be enough talking about it, because it is such an important feature for creative Ylanders which are working on maps.

Water should get a own terraform category and/or at least maybe u can make it so, that there is a button like "if this is active water can only be added up to sea level". Alone this future would help us a LOT!
Additionally maybe a slider from, lets say as example -100% to +100% or -1000% to +1000% while 0% is at sea level. With that it could be possible to add water lower then sea lvl in caves or higher then sea lvl on mountains!

This would make it a LOT easier to work with water because in the current state it is more then frustrating doing this. I really stuck completely with mapping cuz of the current water tool.

You also could make it so if u switch from editor mode to character mode u then can edit "live" while everything is animated like if u switch to the editor play mode.
Or just "allow" "live editing" in editor play mode and if u switch back to editor mode that everything u edited in play mode gets saved.

So far from me. Any opinion is welcome. Heads up Ylanders :D


Edited by ~Chris~
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