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Video of 2 glitches (Inv + stump)


I've got just under 50 minutes of video showing the inventory and the tree stump glitch. I know they are both known glitches but you can never have too many examples. This is a new game that I just started a few days ago with the new update. Since the update the glitch has been happening less often but it's still happening enough to make me have to reset at least once per hour if not more often.

(sorry about the echo in the audio quality, something must happened when i rendered it)

5:13 : Glitch Starts - Crafting or moving single cubes causes them to be glitched, its hard to see when it happens but the next time I open my inventory at 8:26 you can see it is glitched
9:25 : Moving rails around on UI causes the glitched cube icon to move to a diff spot
13:54 : Cube block is dropped but spot  is now glitched and unusable
21:10 : Moving items around on UI glitches Axe
21:28 : Rainforest tree stump glitch
31:00 : Moving prop pack glitches
43:55 : Notice coal is also glitched



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