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Editor Suggestion and some questions



  • Add a map that can be pulled up that doesn't have fog of war as im always getting lost


  • I have loaded up my explore save on the editor and i cant seem to find any of the islands ive been too except the spawn island where the camera spawns. Any help?
  • Is there a way to place multiple items at once while building? (i.e make a whole column at once)


Added: just thought is there a chance that in the future a command will be added that allows you to mark locations and then teleport to them with another command so it would be something along the lines of: 

/addwaypoint "name"

/waypoint "name"

or it doesn't even have to be a command it could be a item so you have a teleporter and then a different teleporter  so you can go between but it would have to be done in a way that meant sailing late game wouldn't become redundant as that is a big part of the game when it comes to exploration and travel  

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