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DEV ANSWER Multiple Multiplayer and Other Bugs


So during a Multiplayer session we came across several bug's listed below;

  • Items picked up would not disappear properly for clients but did so for host.
  • Tools dropped would not be visible to some clients but were for the host.
  • Horses when summoned 'F9' would appear invisible for the client sometimes but the game was still aware of it as you could see it in the GUI when you looked at it and even mount and ride it. (Not the case for the host)
  • Sometimes the client would be unable to access workstations/chest or pickup/craft or interact with their inventory or equip tools from the hotbar. (The host also had a similar issue with being unable to take items out chests)
  • If using a tool when it breaks you would be stuck in that animation until you use the tool again.
  • On a rare occasion if you left to the main menu or desktop it would get stuck saving/leaving.
  • If a player died and dropped their items on the ground on death and reconnected those items would not be visible to them. (We used a custom scenario so were could respawn and had it set to drop items and equipment on death)
  • Saloon door is offset in a way that you can not have two of them to make like the western saloon doors in movies and such, probably would be better to have them centred.
  • If a player pulls out a weapon that has a crosshair it toggles the crosshair on for all players.
  • Some weapons (seemed mostly like the ranged weapons) would cause the player to be looking at the ground to others.

I attached the entire logs as there might be other issues you guys might see in the logs also, Sorry they are so big as its an entire session in 2 parts as I had the stuck leaving bug happen to me.

Also here are some screenshots:

- Ghost object/Item after being picked up

- Ghost horse after being summoned and im riding it.

- Weapons making others see you looking at ground (He's actually looking forward on his side), Also can see the crosshair visible for me even though i do not have a weapon out.




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2 replies to this bug / suggestion

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Thank you for taking the time to write all of these down, we'll make sure to address them as soon as possible :) 

At least if the horse would really look like a ghost that would be pretty badass :P 

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Yes, Ane is right. We are working on some cool new stuff but we are mostly in the "fix and polish" mode right now so you can expect the fixes and improvements to be flying out very often. Thanks a lot for your feedback, it's super helpful!! :)

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