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  1. Aleš Ulm

    Toxic gossip

    Guys, I don't think continuing this thread would result in anything good. Since Adam is on a vacation I will lock it and leave the decision up to him whether he wants to remove it or not (I think it would be a good idea, though). As it was said here, these things are better discussed in private. If you feel somehow wronged or harassed, feel free to PM Adam or me. Thanks!
  2. Aleš Ulm

    Dev Diary #151 - Dev Diary #151 - Update 1.5 FAQ

    Yes, you did 😀
  3. So we discussed it with our programmer and this is what he said 1. Entities render only when they are in front of a camera. Overall figuring out, what is behind a wall and if it should be rendered or not would be more tasking than just rendering it. In the future we want to make it possible to pick, what renders for which player (usable in strategies for instance, where one player would see a preview of a building being built while for others it stays hidden) and it is possible this could also be used to optimize a game as well. 2. We're not planning this. This is because when we open up the settings of one part of the game to creators, it worsens the performance of the rest of the players not using it as well. 3. Welding has no impact on graphics, just on physics and colliders (so it helps performance, but not in terms of lowering the number of visible polygons).
  4. Hi, just to let you know that we (Adam, actually ) noticed this. We will discuss this with the programmer in charge of this and let you know sometime next week. Have a great weekend!
  5. Thanks for the feedback, guys We will try to answer all of these in the next Dev Diary about the Exploration so all get the answers (also some things we are still looking into - like the possibility of using a ship from "old" Exploration in the new one).
  6. Hey there, fellow Ylanders! We are working very hard on update 1.5 that will, among other things, mark what we believe to be the birth of a new generation of Exploration. I am sure you would like to hear something more about it so let me give you some detail. 1.5 will be about exploration, travelling and socialization. We will give you a world made out of various maps to explore and to do so, you will need a ship. Your ship. In the new Exploration, your ship becomes the single most important object. You and your ship will become one. You will sail it to different games to gather resources, meet and trade with other players (or steal their stuff 😅). After you store it on your ship you will sail back home... or maybe explore some other worlds? You will always have one ship (well, after you build it or get it from someone else) that you will "link" to your avatar and which you won't be able to lose. You will be able to (un)summon it as you see fit via the radial menu. But what about your unfortunate friends that may not possess their own vessel? Just pick them up and go exploring the foreign lands together. Exploring in Ylands has never been so much fun. And if you just want to live your happy life on your ylands and the idea of sailing the high seas scares you? Well, that is just fine. Having a ship isn't a must. You can still welcome your friends or random explorers who come sailing to your corner of the world. Even that sounds dreadful? Well, just keep your world multiplayer mode disabled and live the hermit life you always craved for. As I said 1.5 will be the beginning of a whole new Exploration, with other new radical changes coming in 1.6 and every other following update bringing further improvements. We know that you have waited so long for Exploration to get back on track and because of that we decided to give you the first changes as soon as possible even if it means the experience will be a bit rough around the edges. So along with the update, we will present you with the list of what we expect to change (for example in 1.5 your ship will be invincible, which will later change etc.) so that you can provide feedback and that we can, once again, continue making Ylands a cool, classy game together. There's still a lot more to talk about but we'll continue some other time. Thank you for your patience and stay classy!
  7. Hey there, fellow ylanders! While Adam is enjoying his well-deserved holidays I am here to provide you company and let you know what's going on. I guess - I know - you would like to know more about update 1.5 and specifically about our plans with Exploration. Well, that will happen soon but today I will be talking about something else, something that you will experience very soon. To make sure you will get something new and shiny to play with as you wait for 1.5 we will be soon releasing a smaller, asset-based update 1.4.1. So what will you get with 1.4.1? Some very cool weapons from ancient Egypt, cool clothing (ever wanted to look like a mummy?), armour set, reworked mummies and two new awesome enemy types, based as well in the era of pharaohs. This, along with a nice portion of fixes and tweaks, will surely make the wait for the update 1.5 a bit more bearable :). That's it for now and I'll talk to you again very soon. Until then - stay safe and classy, ylanders!
  8. It's good to see your excitement about us trying to put Exploration back on the track! We plan to explain what's going to be in 1.5 in the upcoming weeks, but I would like to give you a quick summary of what to expect. Let me start by being completely honest - it would be foolish to expect we can fix the Exploration with just one update. We have only a certain time before the next update and projects like Ylands have a huge momentum so changing things takes time. So take 1.5 as the first piece of evidence that things are changing. So our plan is basically this - the size of our maps are still limited by a certain thing in Unity (for those interested - it's a problem with precision in large scale games that many other large-map Unity projects -such as Rust and more - suffer from). As soon as this changes we will be able to do much more. If I would summarize what we want to have in 1.5 in one sentence, it would be something like this. We want to give you a large world where you will be able to travel between maps with your ship, explore the unknown and bring resources home. And since you are the classiest, I will throw in another sentence: also the days of having to restart Exploration every single time, to keep building your home over and over again from scratch will be gone. I definitely wish I could tell you more than this, but I will ask you to wait a bit more. I think we will come up with some more detailed explanation in two or three weeks 😊
  9. Hey there, fellow ylanders! Even though I wasn't that visible during the last two years or so when I was Ylands Creative Director, I was still here, listening to all you had to say. For those that don't know me - I've been with Ylands right from the very first day of development, acting most of the time as the Project Lead. I helped designed the game in the very beginning when it was nothing else than a sandbox survival. For more than three years I discussed our progress and features with you, the players on a daily basis. I met with you during many conventions. Well, guess what. Some time ago I became once again Ylands Project Lead, taking the responsibility for every aspect of the game and the direction it's heading. I would like to use the opportunity to resume our dialogue where it stopped, and, in a way, also the game. Let me tell you how I see the current situation. We have made huge progress with the Ylands as a platform. It's already possible to create some truly amazing games in Ylands (some are already on the way). The Editor is faster. more user friendly and more powerful and being extended all the time. And we will continue with that. But I know that is not what so many of you are waiting for me to say. I know that you are worried about the current state of Exploration. Right now Exploration is not what we would like it to be. There are many things that I see is wrong with it and I won't get into the details in here because in the end for me there's only one single thing that can be said. There is not much exploration in Exploration anymore. A lot of the fun that was once there is now gone. What if your game was part of something much, much bigger? With so many new places to explore? Choose, which type of Islands you want to visit next 😊 (image WiP) The very first thing I did when I became Project Lead again was to make sure Exploration is returned back on the path we once were on. And that's what we're working on right now and that is what you will get the first taste of in the next update 1.5. I know you've waited way too long for Exploration to become better so I feel there's no time to lose. I want to give you something as soon as possible. A clear signal that Exploration is back in big style and even if it's just the first step (even though a very significant), you will be able to tell that we hear you. A lot has been said about making Exploration better, so now we do it. And don't worry, we won't keep you in the dark until 1.5 - quite on the contrary, we will start talking about what's going to change rather soon. 🙂 Thanks for having so much patience and staying classy, Ylanders 😁
  10. Aleš Ulm

    1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    The fix is there, it's just omitted in the changelog. We'll fix that
  11. Aleš Ulm

    Allow 'PAUSE' in Singleplayer

    Unfortunately, the Pause feature got pushed down the line with other pressing features that needed implementing, but we are stil lworking on it and it will be coming in one of the next couple of udpates. Hopefully, 1.3 or 1.4 but with the current situation in our country and worldwide we're not sure how implementing features will go, so please have patience with us.
  12. Aleš Ulm

    Dev Diary #109

    Hey there, fellow ylanders! Ylands 1.0 is out and even though we're already working on update 1.1 and planning many others that you will see in 2020 this feels like a good moment to slow down and address concerns that you voice the most. We don't know what to do in Ylands Right now there are three things you can do in Ylands. Play Exploration (if you bought the DLC or if you are an Early Accesser), which is a survival game that is still being improved and enhanced. Play other games - basically embrace Ylands as a platform. While Exploration has been around for some years the platform is fairly new and it will take weeks (and possibly even a few months) before the newly come creators get a full grasp of what it can do and interesting games start to appear in a higher number. The same goes for Playlands. We have bigger plans with it but we'll start by continuously adding more and more games. We are even planning to find a way how you, the creators, could have your minigames become a part of Playlands. And finally, you can Create in the Editor or Sandbox. The Editor is more aimed at game creation with a huge amount of options, including visual scripting, while Sandbox is pretty much a playground in which you can build, experiment and more. We have already registered quite a few new creators, which makes us very happy and we are looking forward to your creations. If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask our new Content Specialist @TomasGestinger. Exploration maps are small. We want bigger maps with more ylands. We want to be able to explore more. We understand that this is a crucial issue. After all, it's called "Exploration". The reason why we had to shrink the map is purely technical. It doesn't have anything to do with the mobile platform since it doesn't include Exploration anyway, but we are already working on a way to give you a much bigger world to explore. We will be able to tell you more early next year. We struggle when finding various resources We hear you. We have gathered enough feedback and you will see some improvements in the next update 1.1. The game is crashing, there are some problems with servers. Unfortunately, the ultimate test for a multiplayer game is its release. A lot of never-before-seen stress-related issues surface and have to be dealt with. And that's exactly what we're doing right now. We've already released the first hotfix and are working on fixes that will appear in 1.1 that will be released in early 2020. You've taken our private dedicated servers. We can't play anymore with our friends ... or can we? The removal of private dedicated servers has caused a lot of accusations and wild rumours. Let's go over what it means and what it doesn't 🙂 Players can no longer host Ylands on their own dedicated servers. In other words, you can't have Ylands server running on your own hardware. But there are still many other ways how you can play with your friends and some of those come completely free. If you don't want to spend any money you can host the game locally. That means that you will run Ylands on your own PC (not as a dedicated server but as a common game) and let other players join you. This obviously has one major disadvantage - other players can join your world only as long as your game is running. If you want to do this but at the same time let your friends enter your world even when you're offline, you can use a feature we call sharegames. By using sharegames, your world can be dynamically hosted by any of your friends that are currently online. This way you can all play in the same persistent world. The paid option is to rent a server from us and start your game there. And in early 2020 we want to give you the option to be able to rent your own server from a certified third party server provider. That way you will be able to have full access to the hardware and decided yourself how and what is run there. I hope this answers some of your most asked questions. We will be monitoring everything you tell us and do another dev diary just like this one soon. And also we are entering the Holiday Season and so I'd like to wish you all a peaceful few weeks 🎄 The next Dev Diary will be next year the 9th of January, so see you then. In the meantime - stay classy, ylanders!
  13. Aleš Ulm

    The developers are no longer part of the community

    It's like this: if you need a game, where you really need to store all the changes that players have built or modified such as modified terrain, structures built, position of entities in the world, then you indeed need to pay for a more powerful server. These games are generally demanding and it's not possible for us to spawn servers this powerful for free. If you want to create a game where players have limited or no options to adjust the game world, you don't need a game save, you can store what needs to be stored via script and initiate the world from that data when it gets (re)started. Imagine an RPG, where you don't store players' positions (although even that would be possible via this system), but spawn at spawn points and all you have to store is what spawnpoint they have activated. When the player joins the game you just put them at that spawnpoint. Such games load very fast and we provide some limited number of free server slots to run them.
  14. Aleš Ulm

    The developers are no longer part of the community

    "All games which have the ability to save REQUIRE you to buy a server to run them" Actually, this is not quite true. Yes, if you want the games to save all the current information about the world, you have to rent a certified server. However, creators can store any information about the current game they wish and store the progress via scripting. This is exactly how Roblox (and others) work. What you stated is a bit misleading. Edit: just to make it more clear - if you don't need to store things like terrain modification or each brick placed, then you don't need the world save feature, that is true. But for most of the game that creators may want to make this kind of save is not needed and can be scripted
  15. Aleš Ulm

    The developers are no longer part of the community

    I have to say I'm surprised you're posting a private message in the forum - even though this was meant for P1 community (and therefore a lot of people) I think it's still quite an unfortunate thing to do. I don't think my voice is being drown out - I was less active here because releasing Ylands 1.0 was extremely demanding, but that is, finally, past us. Also I don't see how we're losing touch with the community or are no longer part of it - we still react to pretty much every PM (I've been doing that with quite some delay - but I think the reason is obvious). We are extremely interested in great creations and whenever anyone reached out to us, we did our best to help them or at least provide them with advice. As for servers - I understand some things are highly unpopular but in the end is very simple. Either we create an ecosystem that works, that generates money for creators to make them interested in creating new content and for us so that we can pay our bills and continue developing Ylands, or the game falls into oblivion. Not today, not the next year but there would be no Ylands 5 years from now.