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  1. Aleš Ulm

    1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    The fix is there, it's just omitted in the changelog. We'll fix that
  2. Aleš Ulm

    Allow 'PAUSE' in Singleplayer

    Unfortunately, the Pause feature got pushed down the line with other pressing features that needed implementing, but we are stil lworking on it and it will be coming in one of the next couple of udpates. Hopefully, 1.3 or 1.4 but with the current situation in our country and worldwide we're not sure how implementing features will go, so please have patience with us.
  3. Aleš Ulm

    Dev Diary #109

    Hey there, fellow ylanders! Ylands 1.0 is out and even though we're already working on update 1.1 and planning many others that you will see in 2020 this feels like a good moment to slow down and address concerns that you voice the most. We don't know what to do in Ylands Right now there are three things you can do in Ylands. Play Exploration (if you bought the DLC or if you are an Early Accesser), which is a survival game that is still being improved and enhanced. Play other games - basically embrace Ylands as a platform. While Exploration has been around for some years the platform is fairly new and it will take weeks (and possibly even a few months) before the newly come creators get a full grasp of what it can do and interesting games start to appear in a higher number. The same goes for Playlands. We have bigger plans with it but we'll start by continuously adding more and more games. We are even planning to find a way how you, the creators, could have your minigames become a part of Playlands. And finally, you can Create in the Editor or Sandbox. The Editor is more aimed at game creation with a huge amount of options, including visual scripting, while Sandbox is pretty much a playground in which you can build, experiment and more. We have already registered quite a few new creators, which makes us very happy and we are looking forward to your creations. If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask our new Content Specialist @TomasGestinger. Exploration maps are small. We want bigger maps with more ylands. We want to be able to explore more. We understand that this is a crucial issue. After all, it's called "Exploration". The reason why we had to shrink the map is purely technical. It doesn't have anything to do with the mobile platform since it doesn't include Exploration anyway, but we are already working on a way to give you a much bigger world to explore. We will be able to tell you more early next year. We struggle when finding various resources We hear you. We have gathered enough feedback and you will see some improvements in the next update 1.1. The game is crashing, there are some problems with servers. Unfortunately, the ultimate test for a multiplayer game is its release. A lot of never-before-seen stress-related issues surface and have to be dealt with. And that's exactly what we're doing right now. We've already released the first hotfix and are working on fixes that will appear in 1.1 that will be released in early 2020. You've taken our private dedicated servers. We can't play anymore with our friends ... or can we? The removal of private dedicated servers has caused a lot of accusations and wild rumours. Let's go over what it means and what it doesn't 🙂 Players can no longer host Ylands on their own dedicated servers. In other words, you can't have Ylands server running on your own hardware. But there are still many other ways how you can play with your friends and some of those come completely free. If you don't want to spend any money you can host the game locally. That means that you will run Ylands on your own PC (not as a dedicated server but as a common game) and let other players join you. This obviously has one major disadvantage - other players can join your world only as long as your game is running. If you want to do this but at the same time let your friends enter your world even when you're offline, you can use a feature we call sharegames. By using sharegames, your world can be dynamically hosted by any of your friends that are currently online. This way you can all play in the same persistent world. The paid option is to rent a server from us and start your game there. And in early 2020 we want to give you the option to be able to rent your own server from a certified third party server provider. That way you will be able to have full access to the hardware and decided yourself how and what is run there. I hope this answers some of your most asked questions. We will be monitoring everything you tell us and do another dev diary just like this one soon. And also we are entering the Holiday Season and so I'd like to wish you all a peaceful few weeks 🎄 The next Dev Diary will be next year the 9th of January, so see you then. In the meantime - stay classy, ylanders!
  4. Aleš Ulm

    The developers are no longer part of the community

    It's like this: if you need a game, where you really need to store all the changes that players have built or modified such as modified terrain, structures built, position of entities in the world, then you indeed need to pay for a more powerful server. These games are generally demanding and it's not possible for us to spawn servers this powerful for free. If you want to create a game where players have limited or no options to adjust the game world, you don't need a game save, you can store what needs to be stored via script and initiate the world from that data when it gets (re)started. Imagine an RPG, where you don't store players' positions (although even that would be possible via this system), but spawn at spawn points and all you have to store is what spawnpoint they have activated. When the player joins the game you just put them at that spawnpoint. Such games load very fast and we provide some limited number of free server slots to run them.
  5. Aleš Ulm

    The developers are no longer part of the community

    "All games which have the ability to save REQUIRE you to buy a server to run them" Actually, this is not quite true. Yes, if you want the games to save all the current information about the world, you have to rent a certified server. However, creators can store any information about the current game they wish and store the progress via scripting. This is exactly how Roblox (and others) work. What you stated is a bit misleading. Edit: just to make it more clear - if you don't need to store things like terrain modification or each brick placed, then you don't need the world save feature, that is true. But for most of the game that creators may want to make this kind of save is not needed and can be scripted
  6. Aleš Ulm

    The developers are no longer part of the community

    I have to say I'm surprised you're posting a private message in the forum - even though this was meant for P1 community (and therefore a lot of people) I think it's still quite an unfortunate thing to do. I don't think my voice is being drown out - I was less active here because releasing Ylands 1.0 was extremely demanding, but that is, finally, past us. Also I don't see how we're losing touch with the community or are no longer part of it - we still react to pretty much every PM (I've been doing that with quite some delay - but I think the reason is obvious). We are extremely interested in great creations and whenever anyone reached out to us, we did our best to help them or at least provide them with advice. As for servers - I understand some things are highly unpopular but in the end is very simple. Either we create an ecosystem that works, that generates money for creators to make them interested in creating new content and for us so that we can pay our bills and continue developing Ylands, or the game falls into oblivion. Not today, not the next year but there would be no Ylands 5 years from now.
  7. 1.0 Yland Yncoming - 5/12/2019 (Game Release) ADDITIONS/IMPROVEMENTS ---------------------------------- [YLD-20836] Added: VS: Spawn point event "On player spawned" was renamed to "On player created". Added new event "On player spawned" which is called when player connects to its character. (You can show there Custom windows or change server variables for that player) Tweaked: 1.01: Closing the new rented server game popup no longer closes the whole game selection screen. Tweaked: increased resource spawn rate in caves FIXES ------- [YLD-20926] Fixed: Auto-balance button is enabled for bundles [YLD-20874] Fixed: Building: Last item building doesn't work on vehicles in construction mode [YLD-20852][YLD-20923] Fixed: Editor: It was not possible to make composition/copy generated flora in new sandbox/exploration maps [YLD-20840] Fixed: Terrain: When spawn point is obstructed, player falls through the world after respawn [YLD-20533] Fixed: Editor: Undo/redo of editing vehicles did not work [YLD-20750] Fixed: Horse that was loaded far from a client should now properly become visible when it gets closer. [internal] MountController now updates entity position on client proxies. [YLD-20728] Added: 1.01: Crossplatform multiplayer [YLD-20530] Fixed: Blueprints: Blueprints are not aligned to the grid (older blueprints may still be misaligned) [YLD-20854] Fixed: NPCs can't get damaged when PVP is turned off [YLD-20843] Fixed: Editor: it was not possible to color entities in old maps which had "shining white" in them [YLD-20814] Fixed: MP: Camera for clients on vehicles does not turn with the vehicle 0.15.1 Yland Yncoming - 28/11/2019 (1.0 Release Candidate) HIGHLIGHTS --------------- Improved/reworked visuals/effects brand new sky system new gorgeous weather system improved lighting system many other visual improvements Ylands are now visible on the horizon Exploration Game world and ylands have been redesigned Ylands now have enemies with their difficulty scaled based on yland's tier Resources have been redistributed over variously tiered ylands to create natural progression Added new vein Zirconium used to create stronger weapons and armors Strong predators now spawn at night Alpha predator that spawns during night on the surface and killing it prevents further spawning of night predators on that yland New random encounters added, many with specific NPCs Random encounters spawn based on yland's tier Added Hermit to starting ylands which provides valuable tips New animals Rhino Monitor Lizard Blueprint improvements New blueprints added to the ingame store Players can now capture ships and cars into blueprints Improved NPC/animal AI added new AI Behavior Game Logic, which alows setting up of entities AI - you can override an aggressiveness level and the basic behavior for NPCs and animals (standing on the same sport, random loiter around or patrolling behavior between several reference points). it is now possible to script AI behavior (make NPCs aggressive, have it patrol etc.) please note that herbivore/carnivore baits currently don't work with the new AI Improved game feedback and refunding players can now report problems in game directly to their creators (they are sent as emails to the address the creator linked with their account) creators can refund any transaction made in their game during the last seven days Adjusted crafting system all recipes are available right from the start (can be disabled when starting new Exploration) improved crafting UI reworked object categories Skins removal all skins have been removed from the game. The models are now accessible ingame. All players who bought any skins will get all their coyns fully refunded in the few days. Spawnpoint creation Players can now affect where they spawn after death. They just need to sleep in a proper bed (not on a sleeping pad) and respawn will be set to that bed. If its destroyed, they will respawn at the initial point. This works even with beds placed on ships Horse improvements horse can now be controlled in a much more intuitive way Visual scripting improvements jumping to instruction declaration copy and paste of whole blocks of scripting going back and forth between edited scripts profiling tools it's possible to show healthbars and custom texts over entities Improved map map is no longer bound to an ingame object and can be opened at any point by pressing "M" key (please note that map is available only in PC Exploration and Sandbox games) allows placing of icons that can be colorized shows difficulty tier for found ylands (one from the very beginning) Server instability fixed we have fixed several issues that made servers unstable / slow after time. If you still experience this, please contact us. Game set Allows to group individual games in to a game-set. Games grouped in a set can share same persistent data. Players can be transferred between game instances using Visual scripting. Storage update It is now possible to update Storages using compositions. If the editor will detect newer version of storage, it will update existing storage with new script tiles, without breaking references. Object destruction/breaking down change Items are destroyed / broken down from the Item inspect window (click the item preview in the inventory or the eye icon above it). Items that can be broken down shown Break button, elementary items show Destroy. In other words you can keep breaking down items into elementary bits which you can destroy. Please note that you can, as always, use CTRL when clicking the button to perform the action with multiple items in stack. ADDITIONS/IMPROVEMENTS ---------------------------------- Added dodge fatigue. If players keeps dodging too fast, they may become stunned for a brief moment Improved system how workstations are lit and fed with fuel [YLD-20503] Added: Editor: Custom keys can be used even when you use a cannon [YLD-18928] Added: Editor: You can enable/disable X button and Escape key for custom windows separately now [YLD-20426] Added: Editor: Search in explore can search objects by their ID [YLD-20536] Added: Editor: Collapsed state of GUI widget is stored now [YLD-19200] Added: Editor: New type of map: Water map [YLD-19202] Added: Editor: You can now switch between last opened scripts [YLD-18832] Added: Editor: Basic profiling support for user scripts. (commands startprofiling and endprofiling -> results of profiling can be found next to log files) [YLD-19001] Added: Editor: Support for health bars and custom texts above live entities [YLD-20588] Added: Editor: Added short cut key "Ctrl+S" for saving [YLD-19201] Added: VS: Button to jump to Custom instruction declaration [YLD-19485] Added: VS: Simple raycast instructions [YLD-19481] Added: VS: Throw entity instruction [YLD-18986] Added: VS: Get current real date and time tiles [YLD-19208] Added: VS: Division remainder operator [YLD-19175] Added: VS: Tile to distinguish game running only for mobiles or for PC [YLD-19041] Added: VS: Added new string instructions Trim, Replace, Split [YLD-17298] Added: VS: "Last index of" variant with no "start index" parameter (it will start look from the end of the string) and new Get length tile which works with strings [YLD-19964] Added: VS: Added "Show" button to the tile list menu next to each custom instruction tile which focus definition of the instruction [YLD-20458] Added: VS: Warning when setting target position in Move to to invalid value [YLD-18713] Added: VS: Drop instruction for items in player's inventory/chest's containers [YLD-18590] Added: VS: Allow copy of user instruction with Drag + ctrl [YLD-19081] Added: VS: Proper warning is shown when trying to destroy same game logic object twice [YLD-18917] Added: Create an option to set respawn on bed [YLD-19805] Added: Display Out of fuel notification [YLD-19789] Added: Add option to teleport car to the place where it last left the construction mode Added: VS: Visual scripting for entities in game saves is back again [YLD-20204] Added: Players in singleplayer now have the ability to cancel pending sleep. [YLD-19119] Added: Newly captured blueprints will now retain links between energy devices. [YLD-19122] Added: Explore terrain now generates in a 3x3km area [YLD-18889] Added: Map can be opened by pressing M button [YLD-18446] Added: Animals will be scared by the explosion sounds [YLD-18913] Added: Command /hidechat which hides small chat window immediately [YLD-16438] Added: Hints for /setpve command [YLD-19337] Added: When creating new exploration and sandbox games, players can choose if all recipes are available from the start [YLD-16870] Added: Scroll to last and scroll to first buttons to chat [YLD-16870] Added: "Feed" button to the workstation screen that allows players to add fuel and "ignite" button to workstation screen that allows players to ignite the Workstation (if possible in given context) [YLD-20462] Added: Show Disable AI navigation when exporting game without NPCs/animals [YLD-20176] Added: You can now use "/gettransactions <scenario_id> <number_of_days>" command to export a CSV list of all transactions that happened in a scenario of yours. Added: New hit reaction animations for all weapons and stances Added: New holding items animation in default hover Added: Switching feet on jump attack recover Added: Sandstone chunks can be digged out of sand and wet sand voxels [YLD-5874] Tweaked: Editor: Games with Creative map has now same name as the new map name [YLD-19905] Tweaked: Editor: Max number of players allowed in automatic DS servers can be between 5 and 10 [YLD-19803] Tweaked: Editor: Entity label performance improved (adding and removing entities to and from label) [YLD-11849] Tweaked: Editor: Improved indication that you are force into grid and how to cancel it [YLD-19164] Tweaked: Editor: No PC only items in exported universal games [YLD-19215] Tweaked: Editor: Add new game logic window is now shown as list with texts by default [YLD-19262] Tweaked: Editor Universal area was enlarge to 4x3x4 blocks [YLD-16723] Tweaked: Editor: When editing weld/groups, testing animators or in character preview there will be info panel notifying you that you are in special mode [YLD-18801] Tweaked: Editor: Impassable barriers blocks player in editor in character mode now [YLD-19677] Tweaked: Editor: Add object filter categories now contain filters for energy and workstation [YLD-20519] Tweaked: Editor: You can now manually weld entities which are pickable/interactable or indestructible [YLD-14819] Tweaked: Editor: Currently open game is the first one in Recent files list. [YLD-20097] Tweaked: VS: Added warning when you try to animate static object [YLD-18933] Tweaked: VS: Widget searching looks for each search key separately [YLD-19211] Tweaked: Blueprints: Should be constructed immediately in universal Create [YLD-19800] Tweaked: All empty/flat/sea maps should have by default temperate biome [YLD-19772] Tweaked: Notifications are now shown longer Tweaked: Editor: Time triggers has now by default trigger count set to infinity (-1) Tweaked: Editor: Placing compositions with Global/Game logic/Entity storage will update storage's scripts to the newer version Tweaked: Editor: New added Player role will have assigned first Spawn point in the game as it's spawn point [YLD-18062] Tweaked: Grenades and catapults now have a minimum range [YLD-18707] Tweaked: The durability feature has been removed from the game [YLD-19185] Tweaked: Building helper outlines [YLD-19719] Tweaked: Editor: You will not be asked to save your game when exiting editor if game was already saved [YLD-8791] Tweaked: Charging cars and machines is now instant [YLD-19467] Tweaked: Rented Server upload popup now offers following platform options: -"PC" - offered always -> Only PC players will be able to join the game. -"Mobile" - offered only if the scenario is universal -> If selected, only mobile players will be able to join the game. [YLD-19488] Tweaked: Removed Featured shop category [YLD-18554] Tweaked: Changed the color of NPC messages in chat [YLD-19414] Tweaked: Item detail is opened when item preview in the inventory is clicked [YLD-19220] Tweaked: Changed the craft all button to craft more button [YLD-20230] Tweaked: The "Blueprint is being loaded" notification is now shown only for blueprints with more than 100 objects. [YLD-19196] Tweaked: Re-positioning while building [YLD-19177] Tweaked: Playlands: change Fashion room entrance location [YLD-19636] Tweaked: Make spawned items invincible for two seconds [YLD-20356] Tweaked: Make the building guide lines less transparent [YLD-18671] Tweaked: Crafting: Potion of speed does not require alchemy table [YLD-17170] Tweaked: Terrain: lands are getting generated with veins in steep slopes Tweaked: Armor mitigation - armors no longer get destroyed and their armor values are added together. Tweaked: Friends loading should now be much faster. Tweaked: Explore mode name changed to Exploration, Create mode to Sandbox Tweaked: Increased the speed of rafts by 30% Tweaked: Vegetation spawning improvement Tweaked: Raised pivot of character animations in combat not to "dive" under terrain Tweaked: Moved cumulus clouds a bit higher into the sky, so that they don't flow through the scene. Tweaked: The game no longer microstutters when loading a blueprint. Tweaked: Default keybindings Tweaked: Lowered number of nails needed for building ships Tweaked: Vegetation spawning was adjusted so that there are no longer empty places on the surface Tweaked: Building blocks that still had visual variants (which were being spawned randomly when placed) have only one prefab as any other block now NEW ASSETS ---------------- Basic block (13x) Pipe block (7x) Round steel rod Monitor Lizard Temple armor set Iron door (2x) Big iron door (2x) Wooden door (2x) Big Wooden door (2x) Latrine Iron fence(5x) Window glass(2x) Wooden block(9x) Street lamp Interior lamp (2x) Table lamp Ceiling light(2x) Window blinds Tile block (9x) Iron Chair (2x) Iron Cabinet (3x) Iron Table (4x) Pattern shirt Pattern suit jacket Pattern suit pants Short pants Crop top shirt Sleeveless shirt Denim jacket Layered t-shirt Skirt Sweatpants Cargo pants Jeans Shoes(5x) Suit shoes Sofa (2x) Leather sofa(2x) Fishing hat Baseball cap (2x) Beanie hat Winter hat(2x) Rhinoceros Kitchen counter(3x) Kitchen stove Kitchen counter cabinet Buggy car set Renaissance armor set Zirconium armor set Gladiator armor set Nobleman's sword Crude sword Explorer's sword Hard rock armor set Legionnaire armor set Raider armor set Wooden armor set Zirconium rifle Zirconium spear Zirconium sword Mythical saber Mythical sword Crude mace Knight's club Zirconium ingot Zirconium ore Wooden table (4x) Wooden chair (3x) Wooden cabinet (3x) Wooden bed (2x) Iron bed (2x) Catamaran ship set Shipwreck Wooden fence Samurai Armor Set Samurai Armor Stand War Banners (8x) Medieval Decorative Shields (7x) Toy (6x) Zirconium Axe Zirconium Revolver Zirconium Hammer Blunderbuss Double-barreled Blunderbuss Bush Knife Frost Sword Frost Knife Frost Spear Conical Hat Hunting Bow Iron Hatchet Katana Mythical Sword Mythical Sabre Revolver Rifle Flintlock Rifle Sawed-off Shotgun Snub-nosed Revolver Superior Flintlock Pistol Woodsman Axe X-Crossbow X-Pistol Crossbow Ninja Kimono Set Karate Kimono Set Oriental Lantern (4x) Lion Statue Stonemason Stand Woodworking Bench Horse Collar Brick Block (9x) Police Box FIXES ------- [YLD-20765] Fixed: VS: Empty holes in For cycle tile [YLD-20714] Fixed: VS: Spawning vehicles from entity template not in construction mode did not work correctly [YLD-20657] Fixed: VS: Start distance in Follow tile did not work as expected (was always same as End distance) [YLD-20658] Fixed: VS: Spawning NPC with Spawn entity type tile did not work [YLD-19111] Fixed: VS: Adding script to entities which can be mined did not work [YLD-19104] Fixed: VS: Editor: "Set sprite" tile can break a game [YLD-18737] Fixed: VS: Obsolete "force camera enum" tile was still present in the game [YLD-19019] Fixed: VS: "Widget children count" could not be used in expressions [YLD-20179] Fixed: VS: Destroying entity immediately after its creation could cause an error [YLD-15910] Fixed: VS: Missing enum in play sound script tile [YLD-17543] Fixed: VS: Proper error message is shown when trying to spawn non item to a container [YLD-18679] Fixed: VS: On charge event was not called when charging through inventory window or with Charging station [YLD-18702] Fixed: VS: Proper error message is now shown if you try to modify array in For each tile [YLD-19615] Fixed: VS: Showing custom window in event "On connected" did not show the custom window [YLD-20017] Fixed: VS: Script was broken when there were both On stand up from chair/bed events listened in Event listener [YLD-19222] Fixed: VS: Correct error is shown when you do not use number as an index to array [YLD-18744] Fixed: VS: It was impossible to set one of entity's color to pure black [YLD-19576] Fixed: VS: It was possible to set time for time triggers less than 0.03 s and it could break the game [YLD-18810] Fixed: VS: Player could use multiple tiles of the same button event in custom window script [YLD-18843] Fixed: VS: In On button clicked you did not get player's button as an argument but the original template button [YLD-18875] Fixed: VS: Assigning image from one image/button to another image/button did not work [YLD-18744] Fixed: VS: Color 0,0,0,0 has no effect on entities when set through script [YLD-17520] Fixed: VS: Color of tiles is changing when you change the number of operands [YLD-16300] Fixed: VS: ON READING event does not trigger [YLD-19515] Fixed: VS: Small font when renaming variables Fixed: VS: Duplicating script tile could create more than 1 undo step Fixed: VS: You can mount player on horse with script on player spawn now Fixed: VS: Removing arguments from custom instruction used elsewhere could cause problems Fixed: VS: Shortcuts Ctrl+z/y for undo/redo did not work in VS window [YLD-7642] Fixed: Editor: It should not be possible to export game with errors [YLD-19286] Fixed: Editor: The command:/changegameid did not work [YLD-20664] Fixed: Editor: Using cut-and-paste during editing welding caused the game to get stuck [YLD-18867] Fixed: Editor: Editor settings window was not updated when editing second game in one session [YLD-18970] Fixed: Editor: Damage multiplier did not work for animals. [YLD-18657] Fixed: UI Editor: "Paste transform" does not have undo step [YLD-20547] Fixed: Editor: Custom UI Editor: Cancel when choosing Sprite tile caused tiles not deleted in script window [YLD-17215] Fixed: Editor: Objects animators were not stored properly in compositions [YLD-10730] Fixed: Editor: Blank signs had "text" option which did nothing [YLD-20504] Fixed: Editor: Undoing the first Add of an entity or game logic results in error for the second Add [YLD-20446] Fixed: Editor: Attaching empty Entity storage to an entity caused an error [YLD-17319] Fixed: Editor: Resizing the colored particle effect shows default particle color instead of the custom one [YLD-20171] Fixed: Editor: Drag and drop entity outside universal area will break a game [YLD-19070] Fixed: Editor: Custom Entity welds on ships blocked ship to be stored as composition [YLD-16931] Fixed: Editor: Changing event in Event listener to None could cause an error [YLD-19139] Fixed: Editor: Dragging an entity while holding alt could cause the entity to be unpickable until reload of the game [YLD-20027] Fixed: Editor: Hats and helmets can be again part of Entity weld [YLD-19784] Fixed: Editor: Undo/redo of deleting NPC with weapon in hand did not recover weapon being held [YLD-19516] Fixed: Editor: Undo/redo for changing entity welds was not correctly done (and it could prevent map export) [YLD-19763] Fixed: Editor: Time triggers got broken after running more then one week on a server without restart [YLD-18766] Fixed: Editor: Originally enabled custom keys can not be properly disabled in runtime [YLD-18845] Fixed: Editor: Black clothes when setting appearance of NPC in object properties window fixed [YLD-17680] Fixed: Editor: You were not opted to choose role/team in local game if there was only 2 teams/roles [YLD-20009] Fixed: Editor: Interior logic is not working [YLD-18385] Fixed: Editor: Animals can sometimes fall through an impassable barrier [YLD-20179] Fixed: Editor: Entity listener shows error when trying to despawn entity dropped as loot [YLD-20305] Fixed: Editor: Using ESC to close object properties will also exit Edit mode [YLD-19631] Fixed: Editor: When searching in editor add entity panel with a turned on filter, search is looking only through the filtered items [YLD-19214] Fixed: Editor: Items resulting from search in the Editor don't show names [YLD-18759] Fixed: Editor: UI: Some entities have their size displayed instead of their name [YLD-18843] Fixed: Editor: UI: UI Text bubbles not working properly Fixed: UI Editor: No undo/redo steps were created for enable toggle in the list Fixed: Editor: Selected rotated Impassable barriers in editor had wrong bounding box Fixed: Editor: You were unable to set Delete key as your default custom key Fixed: Editor: Trigger zones could miss to trigger player leaving zone if the zone was on the edge of internal world blocks Fixed: Editor: Adding new row to list of Game logic objects in Game Logic label will not add "Default" game logic object. [YLD-20210] Fixed: Mobile, Video settings should get automatically set based on the performance of the device [YLD-18920] Fixed: Mobile UI, remove the exit game button [YLD-19365] Fixed: Mobile: Master volume settings do nothing [YLD-19171] Fixed: Mobile : There is no warning about limit of characters in player name [YLD-19034] Fixed: Mobile : Radial menu : cannot see number in UI of changing distance in free placing mode [YLD-20208] Fixed: Mobile Sounds, strange sounds are being played after sandbox game creation [YLD-20228] Fixed: Mobile: Missing descend button when reconnecting to a game [YLD-19851] Fixed: Mobile : One device on android has transparent notification background [YLD-19690] Fixed: Mobile: Back button on android dont react [YLD-20223] Fixed: Mobile: Placing many blueprints makes the game crash Fixed: Mobile: Mobile settings have correct safe zone, removed redundant codex background [YLD-20064] Fixed: Text: Overlap in the main menu in Russian [YLD-7573] Fixed: Text: Auger is missing czech translation [YLD-11560] Fixed: Text: Typos in tooltips for two block categories /czech/ [YLD-18490] Fixed: Text: Incorrect text in deconstruct notification [YLD-17070] Fixed: Text: Land height should be named land elevation [YLD-18466] Fixed: Text: Playlands in friends panel would not get translated [YLD-17484] Fixed: Text: French: Cloth wrong translation [YLD-17396] Fixed: Items: Pizza box has a plain white color [YLD-20218] Fixed: Items: Smallcave mushrooms do not have emissive crystals [YLD-20332] Fixed: Items: Holding animations of items in sit or lay position [YLD-20486] Fixed: Items: Red Car trunk emits light on it's own [YLD-11642] Fixed: Items: Getting stucked between bed and chest [YLD-18633] Fixed: Items: Slowly burning and blazing stove have same level of fire visible [YLD-19734] Fixed: Items: Leather Shoes are not in the appropriate position while holding in hand [YLD-19295] Fixed: Items: Kitchen objects are incorrectly rotated [YLD-19303] Fixed: Items: Kitchen counter corner does not align with other parts [YLD-19653] Fixed: Items: Big iron door has incorrect collision with player [YLD-19650] Fixed: Items: Player clipping through big iron door [YLD-19656] Fixed: Items: Iron door model missing a piece [YLD-19675] Fixed: Items: Wooden table with container has no sound [YLD-19711] Fixed: Items: Echinacea is not in the appropriate position while holding in hand [YLD-19718] Fixed: Items: Iron saw is not in the appropriate position while holding in hand [YLD-19709] Fixed: Items: Wall torch orientation angular is wrong [YLD-20133] Fixed: Audio: All weapon and tools has no sound effect when jump attack [YLD-19421] Fixed: Audio: Eating animations trigger sound twice [YLD-16402] Fixed: Audio: Items are missing sound associated with their material when they are equipped or moved to container [YLD-14280] Fixed: Audio: Free unit from trap action doesn't have unique sound [YLD-18821] Fixed: Audio: Raft sounds are too loud [YLD-14919] Fixed: Audio: Lighting a torch with another torch sounds like lighter [YLD-15787] Fixed: Audio: Lying down to sleeping pad has the same sound as to beds [YLD-14425] Fixed: Audio: Cannon audio is too quiet [YLD-20219] Fixed: Audio: Boat rudder and sitting [YLD-20012] Fixed: Audio: Character: it is possible to move from shot sound source before hearing shot sound [YLD-14754] Fixed: Audio: Missing sound when breaking an item [YLD-14505] Fixed: Audio: No hit sound when item is destroyed [YLD-16070] Fixed: Audio: Jump attack has no sound [YLD-12308] Fixed: Audio: There is no sound on destruction of many items [YLD-16650] Fixed: Audio: Steam engine on ships duplicates [YLD-16775] Fixed: Audio: Car engine sound [YLD-19988] Fixed: Audio: Sit/Lie sound issues on grass [YLD-20030] Fixed: Audio : Engines on ship cannot be heard if ship is moving [YLD-19057] Fixed: Audio: MP: Pickup sound is not audible for remotes [YLD-3693] Fixed: MP: Client doesn't see thrown Corn/plant when feeding Horse, and doesn't play throwing animation [YLD-10991] Fixed: MP: Client is stuck when he controls cannon [YLD-9337] Fixed: MP: Writing max allowed number of characters into a Note breaks the game for Clients [YLD-11456] Fixed: MP: Joinable option is reset to YES after rehosting [YLD-18555] Fixed: Playlands: you can uneqip clothes from Character [YLD-19284] Fixed: Playlands: Heads: Changing of a hat leads to blank avatar window [YLD-18571] Fixed: Playlands: Egyptian cap is not colorable [YLD-17479] Fixed: Playlands: Camera: Shadow interiors all around the hub [YLD-19460] Fixed: Playlands: People cant see each other emoting [YLD-18627] Fixed: Playlands: Able to fall off of Playlands [YLD-18690] Fixed: Friends: If you dismantle your clan, friends screen doesn't update [YLD-18655] Fixed: Friends: If you invite a player to your clan and that player is in a different clan, you can no longer invite them again if they reject. [YLD-19496] Fixed: Friends: When in clan, accepting invite from other clan does not transfer player to new clan [YLD-19502] Fixed: Friends: Players get no notification that their clan has been dismantled. [YLD-18184] Fixed: Monetization: Automatic servers kick player for being afk very fast [YLD-19579] Fixed: Monetization: Monetized scenarios are shown as inactive with in-game purchases in main menu [YLD-3199][YLD-4152] Fixed: Teepees and plane wrecks now properly collide with camera [YLD-8772] Fixed: Power jacket now protects against explosive damage [YLD-9337] Fixed: Submitting long note text should no longer break clients. Note length limited to 500 characters. [YLD-15616] Fixed: Infinite bamboo exploit [YLD-15999] Fixed: Indestructible explosive should not explode when there is explosion near to them. (they will still explode when you throw them) [YLD-20355] Fixed: Speak bubbles float too slowly behind characters [YLD-20292] Fixed: When you dismount a horse while holding shift, horse will be walking slowly by default next time you mount it [YLD-20250] Fixed: Account linking would fail with endless loading. [YLD-20177] Fixed: Monetization testing mode now works properly when hosting a locally exported game on rented server. Previously client would never get the popup. [YLD-19967] Fixed: Removed some memory leaks [YLD-18490] Fixed: Incorrect text in deconstruct notification [YLD-19632] Fixed: Radial menu not closing when confirming construction mode [YLD-19491] Fixed: Cars could get stuck into impassable barriers [YLD-19066] Fixed: Animator with Time set to 0 or negative value will show proper message [YLD-19219] Fixed: Eat action does not appear when item is selected in inventory [YLD-17547] Fixed: Life-changing potion unequips your current costume. [YLD-18957] Fixed: Two-handed items no longer levitate during ragdoll. [YLD-16439] Fixed: Player offline immunity should no longer inhibit melee attack effect prediction on clients. [YLD-18277] Fixed: Items should now play correct sounds when hitting objects that do not get disintegrated [YLD-18466] Fixed: Game name in Current/Previous game in the friends panel was not translated. [YLD-17520] Fixed: When changing number of operands, tiles are mixing colors [YLD-18101] Fixed: Hotbar items pulsing for no reason [YLD-18673] Fixed: Underwater terrain generated in 0.14.X+ differing from the terrain with same parameters generated in 0.13.X and earlier versions. [YLD-18680] Fixed: Cannot teleport player or animals via Editor [YLD-18638] Fixed: Oxygen UI is not showing up when player is inside of a car [YLD-18191] Fixed: When crafting multiple items, chat shows incorrect number of resulting items [YLD-18674] Fixed: Server autorestart notification contains {0} instead of seconds. [YLD-18671] Fixed: Potion of speed does not require alchemy table [YLD-18076] Fixed: When duplicating a for each cycle, the puzzles break [YLD-18503] Fixed: 255th connecting player no longer breaks entity creation on the server, which would result in new players spawning headless and with missing clothing visuals (black torso texture). [YLD-18126] Fixed: Containers on ship can't contain other containers (herb bag, soil container etc.) [YLD-17688] Fixed: Radial menu doesn't remember which pet was summoned last [YLD-18622] Fixed: Horse feeding animation [YLD-18492] Fixed: Fashion Room : Avatar in man menu can cast graphical artifacts on clothes [YLD-19306] Fixed: Spawn point icon should move with ship [YLD-8673] Fixed: NPCs can get stuck in entity when being loaded into the scene [YLD-19367] Fixed: Clothing: Pattern shirt broken in inspect [YLD-19368] Fixed: Clothes: Winter hat is transparent in one place [YLD-19308] Fixed: Spawn point is moving to the new island [YLD-9004] Fixed: RE: You cannot finish/rebuild ruined buildings because they are off the grid [YLD-20057] Fixed: Random encounters: Player can get stuck on threshold when entering RE 210 [YLD-20053] Fixed: Random encounters: Textures clipping into each other at RE 58 [YLD-19204] Fixed: Blueprints: Some energy items can not be added to blueprint [YLD-16164] Fixed: Blueprints: There is no notification for Blueprint camera when you confirm selection without any blocks [YLD-19347] Fixed: Missing heavy attack particles when attack is charging [YLD-7892] Fixed: Ladders and levers remain in scene after destruction of a ship [YLD-18107] Fixed: Infinite resources [YLD-13761] Fixed: Can't Place Objects on Raft or Boat [YLD-19318] Fixed: Health bar color is glitching when you move your camera around [YLD-15444] Fixed: Players don't know they have to fix protective barrier to be protected from death character erase timer [YLD-8791] Fixed: Actions: Charge Ylandium Engine action is not instantenous, but a Hold action [YLD-19808] Fixed: Weapons: Double-barrel weapons do not working properly [YLD-19561] Fixed: VS: Storage variable: Cryptic error message when accesing storage variable [YLD-19892] Fixed: NPC: when trading with NPC, NPC should not move [YLD-19970] Fixed: In Radial Menu the bottom slot doesn't react to mouse click when trying to add new emote [YLD-11526] Fixed: Sharegames: There is no way to host your sharegame under some circumstances [YLD-19277] Fixed: It is possible to be logged into the same account across multiple game versions at once [YLD-8511] Fixed: UI: [Paint gun] Item's color doesn't get updated [YLD-15729] Fixed: UI: When entering crafting, the scrollbar in panel on the right is not in default position on top [YLD-19972] Fixed: Animals: Leopard charge attack does not hit player [YLD-19139] Fixed: Disable drag and drop of entities inside group which is not edited [YLD-19965] Fixed: Game set: incorrect error message if you use GUID which is not part of your game set [YLD-19890] Fixed: Respawn: Character stuck without respawn after death on dedicated server [YLD-19867] Fixed: Exploration : veins are spawned sometimes partially in water [YLD-20170] Fixed: Strange sound at start of creative mode [YLD-20236] Fixed: Costumes: Remove active costume button not respond [YLD-19154] Fixed: Non-universal items are not hidden in universal game sessions [YLD-19973] Fixed: Player dismounting horse while slowing down [YLD-18721] Fixed: Animations: character hit when holding tools like paintgun or terraformer has incorrect animation [YLD-20386] Fixed: Horse: Player will be teleported to the hillside when summond while riding the horse [YLD-20271] Fixed: Weird vegetation trembling when the player is moving [YLD-20400] Fixed: Rented servers : server window does not refresh if you delete save and not save it [YLD-20437] Fixed: Environment: The level of light environment changed during certain actions [YLD-20470] Fixed: Tooltip for actions that require left or right mouse button shows the wrong button [YLD-20181] Fixed: Audio: Cars: Offset steam engine sound [YLD-18973] Fixed: Wrong flowers holding [YLD-15961] Fixed: Character: you should be able to equip items while sitting lying [YLD-17107] Fixed: Chat: Bold text is hard to read [YLD-20114] Fixed: Cars: Unstuck feature: Unstucking vehicle has different results with the same notification: Vehicle was returned to your original position [YLD-14469] Fixed: Server renting: When you turn server on or off or when you prolong its subscription, it will unmark that server [YLD-11225] Fixed: Player A will begin to shake when 2 players are killed at the same location [YLD-10226] Fixed: Glow potion doubled in crafting menu [YLD-12982] Fixed: Vicinity: some items disappear in ui during dropping [YLD-5668] Fixed: Animals onboard ship can tip the whole ship over [YLD-13639] Fixed: Lighting: Power helmet doesn't work after you Exit to Main Menu and load the save again [YLD-20738] Fixed: Breaking down an item in item inspect window doesn't show notification about added items [YLD-19226] Fixed: Pickable block issues in multiplayer [YLD-18519] Fixed: Protected workshop scenario with world saving enabled should not have play button active [YLD-9691] Fixed: NPCs falling through the ground (Editor map) [YLD-20461] Fixed: Animals teleport on steep surfaces [YLD-14828] Fixed: You can equip items while controlling cannon or catapult [YLD-16459] Fixed: Heavy attack will make people disconnected in their protection barriers stand up [YLD-8574] Fixed: Character can keep falling into infinite depths, nuking the server [YLD-19886] Fixed: Mutated bears clip through hills [YLD-20456] Fixed: Hotbar appears after loading game on death [YLD-16832] Fixed: Sleeping bug - day/night animation not played [YLD-10864] Fixed: Horse ovement may continue indefinitely in the water [YLD-12761] Fixed: Problem with the logic "establish color" [YLD-11843] Fixed: Sharegames: Trying to add sharegame over your tier size makes that game disappear until client is restarted [YLD-7370] Fixed: Character: You don't get ship's momentum when you jump from it [YLD-20570] Fixed: Seaweed collision with the character looks off [YLD-12136][YLD-16641] Fixed: Water surface should be rendered without random holes in the ocean Fixed: Trading - you can remove items which are offered by other player when right-clicked Fixed: Simulated water level in scenarios utilizing lightweight water simulation now corresponds more closely with the visuals. Fixed: Vegetation was not moving in the wind after exiting editor. REMOVED ------------ [YLD-19960] Removed: Spike trap and bear trap removed until NPCs can interact with them [YLD-19548] Removed: Pause menu: Remove "Multiplayer settings" button from universal version of the game Removed: Durability feature has been removed Removed: Repair kits removed from game Removed: Sandstone vein and flint vein are not present anymore Removed: Players can no longer gather wood directly from trees
  8. Aleš Ulm

    Creator's Starting Point

    Well, hi there, ylander! If you want to create your own game in Ylands, this post, done in a form of Frequently asked questions, will help you with your first steps. If you need information, you can always head over to Ylands Wiki or ask here at the forum. General questions How can I ... create my own game? Games are created in the Editor - you can access that from the main game menu. Once there, you can start creating your world - or you can chose to start with a different map by selecting whatever you like under Editor/New. ... make games for PC / mobiles? How are they different? From the Editor the games can be exported either as PC or Universal (Game Settings / Common Settings). PC games can be played on PC only - those can be larger, support features like real-time terrain modification. Universal games can be played both on PC and mobile devices and because of that you need to pay attention to the limitations (the most obvious is that they support MUCH smaller terrain). It's important to decide what platforms will your game support before you put too much effort into it. Please note that the Editor is by default setup to export Universal games - that only a quite limited area is available to you to build in. ... share my game with others? Others can see and play your game when you export it from the Editor, upload it to workshop (simply by going to workshop.ylands.com, logging in and in "Your creations" press "Add creation") and make it public. Based on what kind of game that is (PC/Universal) players will be able to see it on PC or mobile platforms. ... test my game? When testing game in single-player is enough, you can simply run your game in the editor by pressing F5 (or, if you just want to run or fly around the character mode enabled via O may be enough). If you want to test the game in multiplayer mode, you will have to export the game locally and host it in Peer 2 Peer mode so that your friends can join you. Information on how to make a local export can be found here (Wiki) ... earn Coyns with my game? Please see the monetization section below. Game genre How can I ... create game genre XYZ? Is it even possible? Ylands is very flexible when it comes to creating your own games. The better your understanding of Visual Scripting is the more complex projects you can make. You can already work with various types of cameras (third-person, first-person, overhead, side-scroller - or define your own) and switch among them in run-time. You can control a character, drive a car, steer a ship. You can run, jump, fly, dive - you can do pretty much anything. You have a simple and intuitive UI editor at your disposal so you can do anything from ingame UI to games made completely from UI elements. ... will XYZ be possible later? What are your plans? What is not currently possible and remains to be added in one of the future updates, is the ability to click into scene and process the result, so some specific types of games can be tricky to create. We are aware of that and will be providing a way of doing that in future. Game world How can I ... create a new game world? What types are there? When you open a brand new world in your Editor, you can start editing literally on green field - but you can also go to Editor/New and have the Editor create "Empty map" - if you want to start building out of nothing "Flat map" - the default map consisting of nothing but flat terrain "Sea map" - map consisting of sea surface "Sandbox map" - there you can setup one specific yland in the sea "Exploration map" - this will create several ylands, a map similar to which you can experience when playing Exploration. Please note, that unlike Exploration map the ylands here are of the same tier and there are no Random encounters present. ... how do I add existing objects? There are well over 5000 objects of various types of objects you can place in your game. Those object can also be painted which gives you even more variants. Just take a look under "Add entity". If you can't find something by browsing the categories, try searching via search field. ... how do I create new objects? In Ylands you can build large objects from smaller ones. Build your house with bricks and breams... or chocolate blocks. Or cheese. Create new objects by visually combining other ones. Take a look what amazing things has the community achieved already. ... how do I group objects? Because objects in Ylands are often consisting of many smaller ones, it's important to group objects so that it's easier to work with them. Just select objects you want to be contained in the group and hit Create Group. You can also add existing object to existing group or select Edit Group if you want to operate with its objects without having to break to group. If you want to select a single object from the group and access its properties, double click it while holding Alt. ... how do I optimize my worlds? If you want your worlds to run as smooth as possible, you may want to start thinking about some simple optimization steps you can take when your structures become large and more complex. The obvious step is to use as little blocks as possible. If instead of four blocks you can use one larger, in the end you can save a great number of performance. When you know some of your structures are finished, you can "weld" them. This process can be reversed at any time, but when you're working with a lot of entities (especially buildings made out of lots of blocks). When you weld objects together, they basically become one and because of that they even react as one in the game. So if you weld together a whole wall, you won't be able to destruct single bricks - but that is often not necessary. In the end it's up to you to decide what entities (or their parts) you want to leave unwelded. Game world - interaction How do I ... decide where my character spawns? Where your character appears when the game starts is based on the position of Spawn point Game Logic object - it is already present in the world when you open a new one in the Editor. If , for example, you wanted for players to spawn at various places based on some logic, you could use Player Role Game Logic objects (which can even be divided among various Player Teams represented as well by specific Game Logic objects). With those you could define various "roles" and have them spawn at various spawn points. Or you can simply use the event OnPlayerSpawn present in the Spawn point and move the spawned player whenever you want to. ... select what my character wears / has in the inventory? Usually you want your character to start with some clothes equipped, maybe with a thing or two in their inventory or in their hands. This is where we also used the already mentioned Player Role Game Logic object. Put one in the game, set it up as you see fit and assign a Spawn point to it. Aaaand that's it! Of course you can change player's equipment or inventory from script, so you can do it as well in the script after the character is spawned - or any time later, like making a character fully equipped when they enter arena and so on. ... choose what kind of camera is used? If you decide to use a different kind of camera, all you have to do is place a Custom Camera Game Logic object into the world and set it to the camera type you wish to use. If you set this camera as "default" (and keep this Game Logic object enabled), after you start your game this camera will be active. You can have more than one custom camera in your world (you can have many of them) and switch among them via Visual Script. You can, for example, have static cameras and activate them as players step into specific Trigger zones. ... make the game do something? How do I script? Now this is where things get interesting. Every game object can have various scripts attached. Based on its type it possesses various events which are called on various occasions. So Trigger Zone has OnTriggerEntered which is called when something enters this zone. The script tiles attached to this event are run one by one as soon as this event occurs. For more information on scripting go here (Wiki) ... I adjust my world's rules? Some of the world rules (like no player-to-player damage) can be set, when you starting a new game. If you want to do something more specific, you can do it again from the Visual Script. Just pick an entity and in one of its event (for example OnGameStart) set everything you want. You can have world when time is always set to a specific hour and never changes. World where it always snows or rains. There is so much you can set! And all this doesn't have to be constant. You can adjust your world once or continuously. You can do it based on a timer or when a player does something. This is all up to you. Protected vs unprotected games What is ... unprotected game? If game in workshop is set to be protected, it never gets downloaded into players machine and it cannot be played locally. The only way how to play such a game is by joining our official server or renting private server and placing the game there. This is the only way how to protect user made games from simply copying their content and how to secure possible coyn transactions and persistent save data. Please note, that any game with either monetization or persistent save data is automatically set to be protected. ... unprotected game? Unprotected game can be played on servers, but it can also be downloaded from workshop into players machine. User then can start local session of that game using for example peer to peer multiplayer. Unprotected game in workshop can possibly reach wider audience, but since it cannot contain monetization or persistent save data, it's more suitable for freeware games where creator doesn't care what people do with his creation. Monetization How do I ... get coyns from those who play my game? When other players play your game, you can charge them by using Visual Scripting. What will be paid in your game is totally up to you - you can create your own store and sell items, make players pay to enter a certain part of game, to unlock a specific feature and many others. For every possible purchase place a Transaction Game Logic in your world, enable it via Visual Script when needed and then evaluate the resulting events. ... find out what transaction have been processed in my game? You can get a list of all the transaction made in your game scenario_id in the last number_of_days days by executing this in the console: /gettransactions scenario_id number_of_days or /gettransactions asset_id number_of_days While finding out what scenario_id your game has is a bit tricky at this point (we're working on that) what asset_id it has can be found by opening the details of the game at Ylands Workshop and looking at the end of the www address. You will see something like workshop.ylands.com/asset/XXXX, where XXXX is the asset_id. The results will be save as TransactionList.csv into the game folder. You can use this info to analyze your transactions and you can also localize transaction id for any transaction that you want to refund. ... refund player coyns they spend on some transaction if there was a problem? If there is a problem with some of the transactions (usually resulting in player paying the coyns but not getting what they expected) they can report this to the creator, because the creator is always best suited to fixed (if a solution can't be found, players can always contact us). The creator can refund all the coyns players have paid. To do so, if the transaction isn't older than 7 days, it can be refunded via the following command /refundtransaction transaction_id Miscellaneous How do I ... get feedback from those who play my game? When players feel they need to report anything to the game creator, they can do it via the screen accessible from within the Ingame Menu. Those reports are sent directly to the email the creator provided when creating the account. Those emails have standardized Subject and are sent from a single address so that they can be easily managed with some sort of filter. Please be aware that if a player wants the creator to reply, they need to provide an email address.
  9. You should be able to find the ore at least in the caves but we are currently receiving other reports of ore not being present so it can be a bug and we will look into it first thing on Monday. Thanks for your feedback!
  10. When we disable items - either temporarily or for good, we just disable them so that they are not visible in the cube, the Editor and can't be crafted - this happened to repair kits as well. But those items stay in the older games. More than 7 games: there are indeed fewer ylands now, but they are more different. Have a great weekend everyone!
  11. We are discussing possible implementation of some kind of fauna regeneration. If we decide not to do it or it will be planned in distant future, some way of getting wood directly from trees will make it back, but in some limited form. Repair kits have been removed because tools and armors are not getting damaged anymore. The system behind this wasn't well designed so we removed it before 1.0. We believe this doesn't have that much impact on the gameplay but we will be monitoring players' feedback.