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  1. Aleš Ulm

    Dev Diary #91

    Definitely! We'll start with minigames made by us but in the future (post-release) we would love to see community made minigames added there as well. The whole point of Ylands platform is to give you all the tools you need to create amazing things which others will get to enjoy as well 😊
  2. Aleš Ulm

    Dev Diary #89

    Hey there, fellow ylanders! Today I’d like to talk about a specific feature that will help give game creators even more creative freedom and allow them to customize their games even further. While it is already possible to perform various interesting actions via Visual Scripting, it wasn’t possible to bind it to a specific key or button. Well, at least until now... With 0.14 we’re bringing you Customizable Controls Input. What does that mean? Well, let’s say that you want to open a fancy new UI panel made with the fancy new UI editor - something like a scoreboard, your own inventory, skill tree or anything else. Now you will be able to create an action and specify which key or button triggers it. Then you can listen to this action being activated and run whatever action you wish. Look, mate - your own controls! Aaargh!! And as a bonus, if such an action is active, we will even display a hint showing the name of the action and the key assigned. We believe that this will come in very handy for anyone trying to make a custom game with specific control set. That's it for now. Have a great weekend and until we meet again - stay classy!
  3. Aleš Ulm

    Dev Diary #88

    Hey there, fellow ylanders! In the last Dev Diary we discussed the new GUI Editor. In the upcoming months you will probably notice that we’re going to focus on a lot of the platform aspect of Ylands. You can already see it when you look at the previous Dev Diaries - we’re giving the Creators among you more and more tools to create great content. Even though it may seem that Explore is no longer among our priorities, that is absolutely not the case. Explore will undergo some very interesting changes before 1.0 as well. I’m talking about both the features specific to Explore (the actual exploration) as well as about improvements to various features and mechanics which are integral for the Explore experience (and can also play a major role even in custom games). Let me now quickly go over some of the features that will make (not only) Explore more interesting and which are planned for 0.14. We hear your complaints about the missing first person camera view. We introduced the Interaction view, which helped to a certain degree. But we want to do more. While we can’t enable the FPS view entirely (there are a lot of situations where things are very broken), we decided to set the first person view as the default view for building. This means that whenever you are placing something, FPS view mode is activated (you can still switch back to the 3rd person view via “C”). We are sure that this will make building a lot easier. Building. First person camera view. It just works. Second thing I would like to mention is the updated Codex. We’ve changed how it looks and how it works. The new codex contains basic information on various topics. You can always get more detailed information by clicking an appropriate button in each topic. It will take you to the wiki where we are going to place additional information, images, tips - and so will you, because we want the wiki to be our common achievement. Then there are a lot of improvements that are smaller, but fix a lot of very annoying issues. You will get better indication whether your target is valid/in range when using tools like annihilator or paint gun. We’re also improving digging, and the ways the players use torches and sleeping pads and much more. There is so much planned for Explore before 1.0 (and yes, even some major crafting mechanics improvements) but we’ll talk about this more some other time. Have a great week until we meet again and, as always, stay classy!
  4. Aleš Ulm

    Dev Diary #87

    Hey there, fellow ylanders! Today we’ll talk about a truly amazing (and stylish!) feature that will help creators make games with much friendlier user interfaces that give more control over the player experience in custom made games. This feature we’re talking about is the new GUI (Graphical User Interface) Editor...inside the Editor (this time we’ll omit the obvious Inception reference 😉 ). So far making a custom GUI was limited only to solid color panels and texts with rather limited formatting options. Well, no more. Please welcome the new GUI Editor which let’s you add and edit visual elements in a user friendly matter. New GUI Editor (Work In Progress) Let me just give you a quick taste of what you’re going to get: edit positions and scale of elements in a natural, intuitive way add solid color boxes or images from internal image library advanced anchoring system that lets you position elements relative to specified screen areas or stretch them in a specified manner. This way your GUI will display correctly with various screen aspect ratios. define your button elements and perform actions when they’re pressed via Visual Scripting (mouse pointer becomes visible whenever you activate such a dynamic panel) New GUI Editor (Work In Progress) As you can see, this is a HUGE win for creators - with this new addition, the level of custom games can truly skyrocket into unseen heights. We can't wait to deliver this (and a LOT of other) new feature to you in the 0.14 update. And that’s it for today. Have a great week and until we talk again - stay classy!
  5. Aleš Ulm

    Dev Diary #86

    There's no reason to "hide" it The shift from more low-poly to higher-poly (but still quite low when compared to other games) character models was made because of feedback we got from various groups of players. We are making Ylands as a platform in the first place and as such it needs to attract large number of players to be able to compete with Roblox and similar titles. We need the game to be popular among kids and casual players to make sure Ylands creators (which is mostly folk like yourself) will have an access to as large player pool as possible - both to make sure that your creation get enjoyed by as many people as possible and also to make it worthwhile to ones of you who will decide to monetize their creations. For the "ecosystem" to work we need players and adjusting the character visuals makes it easier to attract them. On the other hand we don't plan to do any other larger adjustments to game visuals or features so don't worry that this is a start of some trend. The upcoming update 0.14 will bring a ton of new stuff and then we'll do 100% polishing and fixing for a few months before we the fun begins
  6. Every fix needs to be properly tested before it's made public and it's Friday afternoon We are planning to provide creators with "a preview" branch in the future, but it will always be available only some time before the actual update, not the whole time.
  7. Aleš Ulm

    Dev Diary #86

    Hey there, fellow ylanders! Today is the first Dev Diary dedicated to update 0.14, and we’re starting with something pleasing to the eye. If you’ve been with us for a longer time you may have noticed how the avatars' visuals changed over the course of time – especially their heads. They’ve become more detailed and we added a lot of new ones. While we are happy with the results, this created too big of a contrast between smoother-looking heads and still very low-poly bodies. In 0.14 we’re changing the bodies as well, so that they fit with the heads. Also, we wanted the characters to stand out a bit more, to become somewhat more distinct within their environment. This is done by the combination of the avatar being slightly more detailed than their surroundings and also by a specific new shader applied to them. Original avatar / new avatar with the new shader applied / new avatars with shader and new clothes As you can see in the picture, the new character looks much more consistent. Also, in the right section of the image you can see the character wearing modern clothes. This is also something worth mentioning. While this won’t be present in 0.14, we do plan on adding a lot of modern-looking assets before update 1.0. This will give you even more creative freedom. That’s it for now. Have a great week and until we talk again – stay classy!
  8. We have found and fixed the issues. Some testing is still needed, but I think a hotfix will be released early next week. Thanks again for the feedback!
  9. Thanks for your feedback, we'll look into it right away and keep you posted in this thread.
  10. Aleš Ulm

    Fatal Login Error

    @Indian Chief You're welcome The patch has already been released - can you please confirm if it fixed the problem on your side? Thanks!
  11. Aleš Ulm

    Fatal Login Error

    We have been able to localize the issue, are working on the fix right now and will be deploying a patch as soon as it's fixed. We're sorry for the incovenience.
  12. Aleš Ulm

    Fatal Login Error

    Thanks for letting us know! We're already looking into it. In the meantime can you please tell us if the issue still persists?
  13. Aleš Ulm

    Dev Diary #70

    Hey there fellow ylanders, We're almost there with the update (actually we've managed to sneak in some more goodies as you will see quite soon in the changelog) - in the meantime we can discuss another very important feature of the upcoming update 0.12 “Smooth Sailing” - the camera. We have implemented a brand new system (yes, we’ve implemented a completely new system, all the original code was removed), and as a result, a lot of issues have been fixed and many features now work much better - from the overall "feeling", to solving various situations where the camera behaved in a less than ideal way. There are tons of small improvements, which you may not notice right away, but we're sure that after playing for a bit you'll realize that you don't have to "fight" the camera anymore. Moving your character around now feels much more smooth due to better camera dynamics, and you should no longer experience camera stuttering while quickly moving (usually falling) the avatar. Also, the camera now doesn’t clip through terrain and objects. We have also done improvements to vehicle cameras, so controlling ships and (especially) cars now feels better. We have some plans to improve the ship camera even further, but it will have to wait at least till 0.13. Standing in the corner while looking into the room in 0.11 (left) and 0.12 (right) One of the biggest problems with the 3rd person camera is moving around in tight spaces, where your character can obstruct what you see, especially when standing close to walls with your back. You'll see that this has been improved substantially. There are obviously many things where the first person camera works better, and we’ve promised you a special mode that would help you in situations where you used to rely on the said first person camera (that we removed temporarily). Well, you will find this mode present in the update 0.12. We call it "Interaction Camera Mode". You can turn it on and off at any point by pressing the Camera mode change (default C). This mode will stay active as long as you don’t move around (turning around is obviously fine) or start attacking. You will see everything from the first person perspective and have a cursor visible in the middle of the screen, which lets you easily interact with even tiny objects in the scene. You can also activate this mode even during building or while driving a car or sailing a ship, which is very handy. While we understand that this can’t fully replace the first person camera mode, our tests have shown this mode to be very useful - and we believe you will see it the same way. And now for your questions: Any new clothing items coming? Not before 1.0. A lot of new clothing will be released in post 1.0 along with certain updates. How about the scale widget in the editor? Are you considering the ability to scale different objects? Being able to scale (at least non-animated objects) is among one of the most wanted features. We are already discussing all possible options. I would like to suggest if we could have a voting contest on future costumes? That is a very good point, we can surely do that. Or, if you have any idea about what you'd like to see in the game, just let us know right away (be aware, though, that we have to respect existing IPs ) That’s it for now. Have a great weekend, ylanders, and stay classy!
  14. Aleš Ulm

    Dev Diary #68

    Thanks for all the questions, guys, keep them coming - we will answer all of those those in Friday's DD and will reply to any follow--up questions below the post.
  15. Aleš Ulm

    Dev Diary #68

    Hi guys! Thanks for the feedback (questions not directly related to this DD we will answer as a part of this Friday's DD - that way more people will see the answers since not everyone follows the discussion below the post) Recipes getting reset: I see now, thanks a lot! We'll definitely look into this Wind removal: this isn't permanent, but the flags showing the wind direction weren't enough and less experienced players were getting confused by ships suddenly coming to a stop etc. (yes, the way the wind changed was one of the issues). When we have some nice visual indication of the wind and there's better logic behind the wind change, we will put it back in the game. Also can we optimize boats made in the editor or in the main game in the past? Yes, you just need to enter the construction mode and exit it once for the ship to get optimized.