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My Home Complex Still in the Works

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This is all made in exploration and not creative...lots of mistakes and redos









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to add a couple more pics
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50 minutes ago, Hunter-Over-Fire said:

Creator cube or not, this is beautiful either way!

I think no because there is no purple hearts

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On 12/5/2020 at 12:03 PM, Hunter-Over-Fire said:

Never noticed the hearts turn purple when you equip the creator cube.  But still, they could have unequipped it?

i was on the server that this base was built on, and it was all done legit. It was originally built on a mountain which he then completely flatted. Remember, this was from when all islands were cone shaped (mountain in the middle, hills on the side, beach surrounding it), so thats where all the stone materials were harvested from. Notice the stone chunks sitting at the top. He ran out of chests to put the stone in. It took about 1,000 hours to complete and after building it, bobolink quit playing ylands all together as he had finished his magnum-opus.

Edited by Laiiix
forgot a small detail

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