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  1. Bob Salvador

    How long have you been playing Ylands?

    18 December 2017
  2. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #103

  3. Bob Salvador

    Mirror effect

    You try to add ray tracing in Ylands too ? (your build is biggers than we think na?)
  4. Bob Salvador

    Functioning 16 Player Servers = MUST HAVE before launch

    Yes we can't play with all my friends and it's frustrating to play around the 8max server size.
  5. Bob Salvador

    #BoostYlands Initiative

  6. Bob Salvador

    How many island in the current build of the game?

    It can be between 9 and 12, you can load it in the editor and see how many there is in your map
  7. Bob Salvador

    Warship Castilla

    Great work. As a big player of Sea Of Thieves , can't wait to sail with friends in this crazy Ship ;D thx.
  8. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #84

    Did you pick the money in front of you in the picture? 5000$ 😮 ^^
  9. My in game name: Emmettbrown
  10. did you make a verification of the data folder ? right clic on ylands in steam, go properties, clic on local, and on verification, It can be a missing data.
  11. Bob Salvador

    P1 Building Competition! #7 - City Cars

    🤲 Thx
  12. Bob Salvador

    A new pet?

    OOOOOOOH c'est Magnifique Bravo, le géant de fer ❤️ J'espère ils vont encore optimiser tout ca pour que l'animation sois plus fluide mais WOW le robot enorme O,O j'ai mis la video en boucle 4 ou 5 fois tellement je suis sur le cul GG
  13. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #83

    Just a small disclamer to the "everyone in one clan" when the clan system will update to the power barrer I don't want everyone can interact with my house and ressources. I think the friend list is a good way to play and speak with people but the clan for me is just for a small group of friends, like people you trust.
  14. Bob Salvador

    P1 Building Competition! #7 - City Cars

    no no it's a Great Eagle but their no Eagle's trophy in Ylands, I build with what I have .
  15. Bob Salvador

    P1 Building Competition! #7 - City Cars

    Cofcof, In your logo the eagle is white so you play with words