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  1. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #131 - Water Editing

    MMMH Great great great !!! Can't wait to use the 1.3 editor's features
  2. Bob Salvador

    SPA_LIFE_V1.5 (Exploracion)

    Great Job!!!
  3. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #127 - New Terraforming Improvements

    @Miguel Preguisa Yeah tools like that ❤️ thinks for your illustrations. Love the idea of a smashing shovel !!!
  4. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #127 - New Terraforming Improvements

    Hello, is it possible to have a new tool in exploration that can flat and another that can Smooth the terrain ? Because with the terraformer gun players can add ressources and it's not a survival if you can have all ressource on your islands.
  5. Bob Salvador

    ship stuff by zarwil

    O.O Love it!! great job again !
  6. Bob Salvador

    Mini medieval city

    @belrathius water is marble bloc paint in blue for flat surfaces and the waterfall is made in shell. And yes I can invite you in game My in game name is Emmettbrown
  7. Bob Salvador

    Can you move from scenario to scenario?

    I'm interesed to learn if it's possible too.
  8. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #123 - Easter Fun

    Yeah 1 ticket ❤️ thx
  9. Bob Salvador

    Kids learning

    Hello @jchob, I'm a children animator and I use Ylands in my recreation center to bring fun for some "geeks teenagers" and to start I use the basic tuto of @Adam Snellgrove, it's a good way to enter in the editor. After that we try to creat our own creations and animated some little things like custom doors etc.. All 14 vidéos are in this playlist .
  10. Bob Salvador

    Update 1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    Thx for this update, you are on the good road with all of the new adition, thx for all the new assets and new editor ❤️
  11. Bob Salvador

    1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    @Horemvore you play with words, How can you complain like that when you see what all this update bring to the table .... Sad that you are "disappointed" for this tiny small detail ....
  12. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #118 - New Audio in 1.2.

    HO new chest ? in the first picture?
  13. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #118 - New Audio in 1.2.

    Great , the 1.2 promise a lot of new stuff ;D
  14. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #117

    It's look like there is a new terraformation system too, no ? the hole of the cave is clean comparing to actual caves. Am I crazy ?
  15. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #117