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  1. Bob Salvador

    1.5.1: Goodie Pack #3

    @Adam Snellgrove is the new santa boots are add to the exploration ? I'm surching for them actualy Not inside this one :
  2. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #161 - New Ship Type

    Thank you Adam for all the time you have given us, I hope that your new adventures will be as thrilling as with this community. I send you happiness and tea, see you soon on the seas of ylands.
  3. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #160 - Building in Exploration

    Great, official /freecamera mode, I am using this command in actual exploration when I want to build higher. Hope we will have more options than just flying around because it's kind ish in the game.
  4. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #158 - New Frosty Goodies

    plz don't tell me that is just decoration, like the stone and wood workstation, in my opinion all wood blocks and stone blocks need to be craftable inside this workstation.
  5. Bob Salvador


    I agree this argument, but some are not findable. Also this need to be just for the reskin of existing armor, like the old they seld. the Bronze armor have no equivalent, same for santa elf ans Sunplate I think.
  6. Bob Salvador


    Hello, just a thing to get exploration better for little work for you, make them craftable plz plz plz, it will add so much variety in no time.
  7. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #158 - New Frosty Goodies

    HOOOO a still ? Is it to make alcohol to warm up in cold biom ? ?
  8. Bob Salvador

    Exploration 1.5- Karnaca Trading Post

    @spiritchaser28 Nop, if you use just the multiplayers setting in the escape menu, friends can"t join when you are offline it's work like the oldschool exploration, you have to put the save of the map in the sharegame for it to be joinable.
  9. Bob Salvador

    Exploration 1.5- Karnaca Trading Post

    @spiritchaser28 Yes but it's need to be in the sharegame
  10. Bob Salvador

    Exploration 1.5- Karnaca Trading Post

    You can creat a sharegame and share the passeword in this topic so everyone reading your great trading "post" can join even if you not online
  11. Bob Salvador

    Suggestion: Tradable blueprints

    Good idea but dev sell blueprints in there shop ... If a person buy one, others can have it for free if he trade it no ?
  12. Bob Salvador

    Dev Diary #157

    @spiritchaser28 Hello, thx for the informations but, I have folow your instructions but my friends can't join if I'm not their. we want to establish our houses in the same island but not on an open server. But if I'm leaving the game my friends can't travel back to this island this is my settings for the multiplayer, I don't know if it's an issue or if it's design to be like that ? @Adam Snellgrove
  13. Bob Salvador

    1.5: Enhancing Exploration

    @Adam Snellgrove do you plan to discrib the hotfix patch of today ? so we can see what is fix and what need a report ?
  14. Bob Salvador

    Naru's Corner #10 - Controlling a plane with custom inputs

    Thx it work now, ❤️ have a great day
  15. Bob Salvador

    Naru's Corner #10 - Controlling a plane with custom inputs

    PLZ send Help XD