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useful decorations

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I will show this as they are prepared for the first person and will be stopped until next updates

I have been working on small compositions with logic that gives them a usefulness.

I have 3 open projects, all are perfectly functional, I am simply embellishing the logic, and adding more functions.

I will not explain much. just so they can take a look.


1st Music
    -I have created a drummer I have two versions with different sounds, also has a mixer. with which to create rhythms in the editor to use them later.
Obviously I have no idea of music xD, but I guess some of you can make this sound good.:P

It also has the option to change color and I am working on headphones with which I can listen to it anywhere


2nd Clock

    - I have several versions, needle and digital.

The needle, the first model measures the real time and tells us how much time we have been playing.
The other model measures the time of play and has the function of being able to travel in time, although it still suffers some imbalances when detecting the time, sometimes trips in time are unpredictable. :)
The digital basically the same but will have more functions.





3º Furniture

This was not necessary has been on a whim but it occurred to me and it can be interesting in some situations, it's also nice: P

It's the last thing I'm working on so I do not have much.



until they are finished, I will not upload them to the workshop but until then if someone wants to have one to try or something they just have to ask for it

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3 hours ago, Bob Salvador said:

great job gg Idk how long did you take to create this but man what a nice creation !

thanks Bob Salvador

I do not know how long, but if you need some patience. especially with the drummerxD

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