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suggetion and bug.


I'm not good at English. maybe sometimes not make sense or weird. so.. sorry for that.

so What's my suggestion! Is the add reading, or eating while sitting. that's my suggestion.

if It's already been added, than good to know and thanks a lot. or if not, than I wish there is eating food while sitting on chair or reading book, papers.


And Bug! It's a little bug with little bit annoying.

i was get the first paper that written about puzzle hint. and when i get second paper, the second paper stacked with first one. and the first paper's note it just gone, the paper just changed to a blank paper. actually i should've reported this, that when i was found this bug. but i diddn't because i was lazy and forgeted. and more sad thing is that i deleted my save game already. so why i said this bug now is because i just wanted you guys to know. I know it's too late. but, late better than say nothing. right?


... I love you Bohemia interactive! lol!

and the Finally! thanks to read, and sorry for my bad english, i was try though.

have good day or good night!

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