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    I found minefield

    But I don't know how it works or which one is a mines. and how do i bypass or get through it, reach to item box?
  2. I already reported this using by feedback in game. but the said twice is good to remember, right? and i have screenshot! this is the bug that what i want to report. The metal container doesn't closed after i was use it. and i think it's a bug. and that's all, bye!
  3. Thanks for your kind answer, I really appreciate.
  4. I don't know where do i question. so maybe if that i make mistake, than i'm sorry. i have a question for future update about translation.. I'm living in south korea. my mother tongue is also korean language. so i'm not good at english, i'm really bad of it. i can only understanding and write very simple things. and not all my country people's good at english. just some people's good at it, but some people's don't. and I don't think Don't need to translate the game in korean for right now, but some of the people's don't think that. they're really need it so bad. but i think it's very difficult and hard things for you guys. So what i want to know is, there is have some future plan or considering about future update that able to see other language in game, include korean. and that's all. I hope you guys don't think I' m rude. i just want to know that you guys have a plan or considering. and if you guys have, i want them to know about that. i really love this game and I hope this game will be famous even in my country when it release in future have a nice day and good night.
  5. almond017

    suggetion and bug.

    I'm not good at English. maybe sometimes not make sense or weird. so.. sorry for that. so What's my suggestion! Is the add reading, or eating while sitting. that's my suggestion. if It's already been added, than good to know and thanks a lot. or if not, than I wish there is eating food while sitting on chair or reading book, papers. And Bug! It's a little bug with little bit annoying. i was get the first paper that written about puzzle hint. and when i get second paper, the second paper stacked with first one. and the first paper's note it just gone, the paper just changed to a blank paper. actually i should've reported this, that when i was found this bug. but i diddn't because i was lazy and forgeted. and more sad thing is that i deleted my save game already. so why i said this bug now is because i just wanted you guys to know. I know it's too late. but, late better than say nothing. right? ... I love you Bohemia interactive! lol! and the Finally! thanks to read, and sorry for my bad english, i was try though. have good day or good night!