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i have a question to developers for future update about translation.

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I don't know where do i question. so maybe if that i make mistake, than i'm sorry.

i have a question for future update about translation.. I'm living in south korea. my mother tongue is also korean language. so i'm not good at english, i'm really bad of it. i can only understanding and write very simple things. and not all my country people's good at english. just some people's good at it, but some people's don't. and I don't think Don't need to translate the game in korean for right now, but some of the people's don't think that. they're really need it so bad. but i think it's very difficult and hard things for you guys. So what i want to know is, there is have some future plan or considering about future update that able to see other language in game, include korean.

and that's all. I hope you guys don't think I' m rude. i just want to know that you guys have a plan or considering. and if you guys have, i want them to know about that.

i really love this game and I hope this game will be famous even in my country when it release in future

have a nice day and good night.

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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by in our forum :)

We might translate the game into more languages in the future, but for now there are no specific plans for any language in particular. Hopefully we'll have Korean one day :)

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