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P1 Geek Ylands Server

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I have been building and trying out the new Server function....well its New to me.  Anyway, I've used the coyns in the game to buy a server and I put my  buildings in there.  If anyone wants to join the server and add to the city, you can find my server called P1 Geek Ylands.  I' watch alot of Red Eagles youtube videos so alot of what I've done I got from watching and becoming inspired.  I've created mines so ppeople could easily get the resources they need.  For example, there is a gold mine, a clay mine, an iron mine, coal mine and others...... Each mine is labeled so you know whats inside. Also each building provides resources and items.  For example, the jetpack store has alot of propeller packs in it. The flower shop holds a chest full of seeds and seed packs of every type of plant. There is a clothing store so you can get cloths there or go to the clothing factory and make your own clothes.  Cloth is provided there along with cotton, buckwheat and sisgal leaves. There's an armory in case you need weapons and armor,  Or a blacksmith shop to get tools.  If anyne wants to jon the building, then come and stop by.

ylands acmee labs.JPG

ylands armory.JPG

ylands blacksmith.JPG

ylands clothing store.JPG

ylands cloths factory.JPG

ylands inside clothing factory.JPG

ylands mine.JPG

ylans jetpack  building.JPG

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