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Miguel Preguisa

Henrik Barbarossa and his Swift Seagull

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Once, there was a tale about a place where all wishes came true. On the north pole where only bears gather. Happiness factory full of elves. A truly magical place.

At least they said.



Of course, there were many young adventurers that felt the urge to discover. To claim their share of fame and gold. And with the vision of wealth, they left their homes. Never to return...



Many snowmen lost their friends in these journeys. Even every ship from the famous Frozen Fleet has vanished. But not everybody shared the feeling that nothing can be done. Two years and one week after the disembarkment of the Frozen Fleet flagship, the famous and feared buccaneer Henrik Barbarossa decided to take the matter into his own sticks.



A complication appeared. There wasn't any ship left. All were gone along with adventurers. But that couldn't stop him. Barbarossa managed to modify his beloved boat - Swift Seagull, for longer travels (it's told that he once poked out a Kraken eye with this boat).



Armed just with his bravery and a medium-sized cannon on his shoulder, he left.



So there he is. Fearless buccaneer. His hope to find anybody is, just as his prideful carrots, getting thinner every day. But he won't give up.



Does that mean he will eventually succeed? We may wish so, but the ocean is unpredictable and the sun is setting.



Let the waves make the decision.

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