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Flintlock Manor - Server Spawn Headquarters

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Hi guys!

This one has been a long time coming. I've been playing Minecraft for a solid decade and every server that I've visited has had some form of Spawn monument/structure.

Most Minecraft servers have these features:    

1.      A Server Spawn Monument

2.      A Rule Board, Introduction

3.      Teleportation Room


My Design

Most Yland servers (Except P1 ;) ) will not have any nearby structure that identifies the Server. I would like to inspire others to try what I am attempting with my design.



When players spawn onto my Explore server they will arrive on a tiny island with this structure facing them. This is Flintlock Manor, my Server Headquarters.



Rule Board


When approaching the main gate the player will be greeted with 'Flintlock Footmen'. The chap with the document will attempt dialogue. From here the player will have the server rules read out and any frequently asked questions. Players will also be invited to visit the various public features within the manor.


Initial Equipment


New visitors will be given the option to request initial equipment like Flint Lighters, Herb Pouches, Maps etc. For me, I think that some players may find it tedious trying to obtain the same old lighters and pouches! ;)


Map Room


*The map is incomplete and a work in progress.

This is a concept I would very much like to see on other servers. I have dedicated a room to a giant map table, which will (eventually) have a model replica of the world map and all is islands. It is my intention to allow players to pick which islands/biomes they want to teleport to. This way, players have a visual interpretation of where their new island home will be. This will reduce the monotonous task of sailing blindly in search of nearby islands.


VIP Bank


For regular, experienced and trusted players I have included a little Safe Deposit Feature. VIPs will be granted a vault to store their items and valuables inside. When the server map is reset due to a bug or resource drain, their items will be transferred over to the new map!


Public Crafting Stations - Laboratory


I have also included a facility that will allow players to have access to some higher tier crafting stations without all the trouble of developing it themselves. This is an area for casual players. I have had a lot of fun designing this room. I have included some of my own custom-made furniture and benches.



*Note the magnification stand and the molten burner!


Server Administrator's Private Quarters

I'm the first one to admit that I have a God complex! :) Naturally if I am the 'Governor' of my own little server I ought to have an office that reflects my status! I spent more time than I should have on this room!


*Note my medal collection on the Left!

In this room I have my own little personal space. (Usually it's the room I go AFK in!) To the right I have a secure room to hold all the sensitive Script-Editor Levers that control the server including a Creator Cube. The walls are indestructible for added protection against griefers!


Moderator's Room

A server can't be managed full-time so naturally every administrator has to have a good team of moderators to keep things ticking over. Now whilst I will never manage a dedicated server I always like the idea of some sort of server meeting room or clan guild hall. It's a nice idea that I would love to see servers try out for themselves. There's no advantage to being able to access this room but damn its cool to be part of the club right!?


*Moderator's private room with a special guest! ;) Note the map on the wall behind the table is still to be complete.



*Another view of the Moderators Room showing the great fireplace.



*A custom-made telescope. I love the Steam-punk vibe that Ylands has tried to achieve with its power technology. So I thought I'd make a few items of my own!


Main Hallway & Ornaments


*My attempt at a grand spiral staircase. It works, but its not as ornate as id like it to be! Never mind!


*A little garden tribute to my 2-year old who loves a particular rotunda in our nearby park. I attempted to recreate it here! It holds a secret!


Guys thankyou very much for your feedback and kind words of support with this project. I know I keep saying I'll upload my creations and I promise I will get round to it! I hope you all feel inspired to develop your own server headquarters (And invite me into your private club rooms!)

Please let me know what you think and I would love to hear about any suggestions you may have!

Thanks Guys


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I've been toying around with Steampunkish style door locks. I've never really touched the script editor before but after some poking around, I think I have created a rather clever little system to lock doors in a way that looks visually appealing.


*A door panel in it's 'Unlocked' State.

To make this panel I used:

  • A blank sign (turned upright)
  • 2x Clay Pots (I disabled their default interaction and enabled a custom interaction)
  • 2x Seeds       (I made them unpickable and gave them a brass colour)
  • 1x Log Block (The stubby end block)

I arranged the Door Lock Panel as seen above. The Log Block functions as an indication lamp to denote the locked/unlocked status of the door. Although the Clay pots are painted to appear as lining for the brass buttons, they actually work as the trigger entities.


I Rigged one button up to Lock the door. When triggered, the button plays a 'Locked' Sound, Locks the door, and finally changes the indicator lamp to 'Red'.

When the Second button is triggered, an Password Prompt will appear. When successfully entered, an 'Unlocked' Sound will play, the doors will unlock, and finally the indicator lamp will turn Green.



*Door panel indicating a 'Locked' State. A Password will be required to unlock the door.



I've also made significant changes to the map table.


*Due to the scale of the islands, I couldn't fit all the Islands on the table!


The map table is coming along brilliantly. Players will now have the ability to visually see the server map on a giant table. I have lined the table with buttons that enable fast travel. I am working on a Script to allow players to visually highlight an island by simply approaching a particular button.



*The Island return pad features a password lock system similar to the one's used in my house.

I have taken some inspiration from the P1 servers and included a return button to grant VIPs the ability to return to the spawn island at will. In order to prevent misuse from other players, I have incorporated another password protected lock with an indicator light above the door arch.



The moderator's lounge has been improved slightly with a complete wall map and it's own door lock mechanism. It's slowly starting to take shape!

My experiments with the Script Editor continues in baby steps but it's something that has grabbed my interest as a designer. I would very much like to streamline the Door-lock panels to have just one 'toggle' button instead of two but my knowledge of the editor is not quite there yet!

Thanks for the interest guys, it means a lot. I would love to hear any suggestions you might have!


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15 hours ago, Deadeye_Rob said:

My experiments with the Script Editor continues in baby steps but it's something that has grabbed my interest as a designer. I would very much like to streamline the Door-lock panels to have just one 'toggle' button instead of two but my knowledge of the editor is not quite there yet!

In the Interaction script for a single object, you could include an "IF/ELSE" statement that checks whether the door is locked or unlocked.  Based on that decision, it can then perform the correct action.  (It can include changing the text that shows up for the player when they interact with it.)

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I've been experimenting with just that!


Ive set the IF/ELSE parameters to identify door lock cylinder codes.


This means that 'IF' the door cylinder lock is set to.... say 700, then the unlocking procedure will begin. On conclusion of unlocking, the Cylinder will be changed to 701.

ELSE the door cylinder is set to 701, then the Locking procedure will begin and conclude with flipping the cylinder back to 700 again.

Add in a few Hint changing commands and now the same button can 'Lock' and 'Unlock' the same door.


I will post a link in the script editor section with a full expenation and screenshots of my work. This could prove useful!


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3 hours ago, WijkagentAdrie said:

Beautiful build! I really like your map table :) 

Thanks! I've noticed that a lot of the main public explore servers utilised some sort of fast-travel mechanic into their games.

I wanted to take it a step further! 😛

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Hi guys! Continuing from the earlier discussions, I've experimented a lot with the Visual Scripting feature and I have now been able to evolve my door lock system. Instead of two buttons, I have now managed to streamline the design down to just one toggle button! Here's how it works guys!

20190609221111_1.jpg.6e7cf087c55f358d40bb391345587857.jpg                          20190609220232_1.jpg.ed773fd2b75bdbfffb4a2d40e4b33c39.jpg

The switch panel itself is constructed as above.

  1. Both types of seeds are set to 'Unpickable' and the Conifer Seed is set as a 'Unique Object' with a 'Custom Interaction'. From now on, the Conifer Seed will be referred to as the Button
  2. The Log Block will be referred to from now on as the Indicator Light.
  3. The Small Blank Sign is used simply for visual appeal.

I have used these switches to operate almost all of the door locks within my Manor. Naturally I do not wish these switches to be accessed by anyone, so I have created Password protected variants.


*An example of an interior switch panel inside my private study.



Creating a 2-button door lock is a relatively simple script. However to combine both Locking and Unlocking scripts into one button proved tricky. I had to first put a system in place where the switch could check if the door was locked or unlocked. I accomplished this by making the switch check the door's Cylinder ID.

Here's a run-through of what happens when trying to access a secure area.


Step 1.

On approaching the locked door the panel will have a glowing red Indication light which displays the locked state of the door. When hovering the cursor over the button, it's interaction hint will read 'Unlock'



Step 2.

On interacting with the button, an 'Ask Player' logic is triggered requesting a pass phrase.



Step 3.

On successful entry of the pass phrase:

The door will unlock

 An unlocking sound will play

The Indication light will change to green

The Button's Interaction Hint will be changed to 'Lock'

The door Cylinder ID will be changed from '600 to 601'.





This is the Script for the Button.


*A crude, but simple script for the Button. Note how at the end of the locking procedure I change the Cylinder ID of the door. This is what grants the Toggle ability of the button.


This is script for the 'Ask Player' Logic Element that requests a password from the player.


Note on both scripts, at the end of each Locking/Unlocking procedure I change the Lock Cylinder ID. This is how the whole toggle operation functions. The script checks the Cylinder number as a way of working out if the door is locked or not. I'm sure there's a more efficient way of doing it, but I find the simplest methods work best for me at the moment! :)

This is a basic system that can incorporate many more features both cosmetic and functional. Additional sounds or even GUI messages could be added into the procedures depending on what a game designer might need.


I hope this is an easy to understand guide folks. Don't hesitate to ask me anything about this design, I'll try to help in any way I can!



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14 minutes ago, Deadeye_Rob said:

I'm sure there's a more efficient way of doing it

The main thing is that it works.  Your script looks great, and I love the design of the buttons and the building.  That's awesome.

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Hi Guys! I Felt that as the heart of my server, I really need somewhere to control it from. So I used up the spare room in the loft and created a large Glass Dome! Within the dome is a number of consoles which will have various Visual Scripts cunningly woven into the buttons which will enable me to control certain aspects of the server (Weather, Multiplayer Toggle Etc)


*Am I turning in to a Bond Villain? Maybe definitely!!



*Glowing machines and humming consoles! The Heart of the server!



This is still a work in progress but it is definitely one of the more unique features of the build as a whole. It is also the most private as this room will only be accessible from my private quarters.


Thanks for your continued support guys! Any suggestions would be greatly received!


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