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New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

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Hi guys due to technical issues it took a while to download the update for Journey to the 12 Kingdoms.
In the end, we downloaded it in a different version, you can find more information in our discord community.
Leaving that aside, I would like to mention how this update came about.

A few months ago, Bi launched his update on the water.

Spyler: hmm maybe we can do something quickly, we can level the weapons and add something quickly in the ocean.
Christal: Yes it's okay for me, we also have things we can use.
Spyler: ok it shouldn't take us more than a week  ?

Some months later...

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I forgot to mention that we have changed Server 5, now we will use it to host Journey in NA, we hope it works better for some of you.
Let us know if you have a problem or if you have any suggestions, and enjoy a nice adventure.?

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