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What beta really means

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Making games is extremely difficult. I have made one small unity asset mashup and am working on another text-based game in Discord which has been going very well. Back when I started I imagined you could make an MMORPG by yourself. How wrong I was. You are constantly bombarded with problems you don't know how to fix with no "google it" solutions. You just have to keep trying things until you work it out. 

I think a healthy respect for the huge undertaking of what it means to make a game is an important part of being an Early Access community. 

There are a lot of cry-babies on the internet and I think as a mature gaming community we can rise above that and be excited to be part in a small way of a bigger journey. 

Especially those of us who test the 1.0 beta -- lets remembers it's a beta within Early Access -- its gonna have LOTS of bugs. 


This community is the best I've ever seen in gaming and I am so grateful to be part of it. You guys are awesome. Big thanks to @Adam Snellgrove for making all this possible :D

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Thank you very much for your kind words. This really is a great community and I am so happy to be able to connect with you guys. 

Ylands has gone through quite a lot of changes, some of them great new features, some of them out of necessity, but I think come release we're going to be at a great place from which to improve even further. This release is by no means the end. After it we're back at work making more features and fixing what needs to be fixed, so don't worry there. Even in the company we do not treat this release as something final, but as the next big update after which we start to concentrate on the next big update 😊 

So again thank you all for all your support and let's make Ylands great together.

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