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Veteran Explorer difficulty challenges

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I've played through the "Veteran" difficulty level a couple times, and thought it could be interesting to put out a few challenges to the community.  (I haven't tried any of these myself yet, but I definitely will do some.)  The ultimate objective for all of these is to eliminate ALL mutated creatures from every yland.  That includes the alphas that spawn at night.  At that point, you win the challenge.

Base rules for all of them:  No help from the Editor (including to fix a glitch) and no exploits.

Here are a few ideas I've had:

1.  NO BED.  In the hardest mode, no beds allowed.  Sleeping pads only.  You'll respawn on the starting island, and deal with it.

2.  PERMA-DEATH.  If you die, it's over.  That one's obvious.

3.  MELEE ONLY.  No bows, crossbows, or guns.  Melee weapons only.

4.  RANGED ONLY.  Nothing but bows, crossbows, or guns.

5.  NO YLANDIUM USE.  That means no propeller pack.  Face your enemies.

6.  NIGHT OWL.  Sleep through the day and only explore at night.

7.  SPEED RUN.  How fast can you get all of them?



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Wow, pretty hardcore but could be quite the challenge. Especially only sleeping pads and no propeller pack 😱 

Maybe we could make a competition of some sort with these challenges 🤔 Definitely given me some stuff to think about 😁

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