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Adam Snellgrove

Dev Diary #124 - Updated Roadmap

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Hey there Ylanders!

Hope you enjoyed Easter and our Easter themed mini-update, but we’re still working hard on 1.3 and we are still on track to release Watery Water in June! It hasn’t been easy in this climate, but the team has adapted to the current situation well and we are on our way to release one of the best updates yet.

But that’s not all, we are already working on update 1.4 too! And (if it’s even possible) it’s even more exciting than Watery Water! I won’t give away too much right now, but from the newly updated Roadmap you can see, that we have some cool features prepared for you guys ? 

In the next weeks, we’ll be talking predominantly about 1.3 but we’ll throw in some 1.4 hints in also, so look out for those.

And until then, stay classy, but most importantly stay safe Ylanders!

Roadmap April 2_0.png

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I had hoped the "group cannot be empty" bug would have been fixed at the last hotfix.  It's still there. In every screen, in every map, so annoying.

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No game is ever truly for free, as no company could ever afford to make a game like that.  If they are touted as "free" rather than have a purchase price, then they have advertising or in-game microtransactions (and ignoring the few deplorable games that charge both ways).  Ylands has (smartly) gone the route of effectively free for creators and a one-time charge for their Exploration mode.  This means that your game experience is not mired in advertising nor does it require that you continually spend small amounts to get added short-term game benefits, as with many "free" games.  While there are additional things that you can purchase with coyns, their BI currency, the items gained are either cosmetic (outfits or pets) or blueprints for things that you can build yourself with time and effort.  So even their extra purchasing options are not meant to be a requirement to enjoying the full game.  Frankly, this is how games SHOULD be.  One clear price so you know what you are paying up-front and not get bled over time for far more without realizing it (which happens far too often with "free" games).  Anyone who expects a game (or anything else) for completely free has no concept of money or how things get produced.  Nothing in this world is ever truly free, someone has to pay somehow.

And as others have already said to you, please stop using your caps lock.

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